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Report fly-tipping

Report fly-tipping to us online.

Fly-tipping is when waste is dumped anywhere, regardless of what it is. We are responsible for clearing, investigating and taking any further action against anyone caught fly-tipping on public land.

If you see someone fly-tipping

WarningIt is illegal to fly-tip and anyone caught doing so is liable to prosecution, with fines of up to £50,000 or five years' imprisonment.

Please try to record the following details:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Location
  • Registration number of the vehicle used (plus the make and model if possible)
  • Description of the person fly-tipping
  • Any photographic evidence


We use CCTV and warning signs in some hot spots to investigate and deter fly-tipping.

Footage will be encrypted and only accessed by us for prosecution purposes, where an offence is believed to have been committed, in accordance with the Data Protection Act (2018). If no fly-tipping or crime has been recorded, the footage will be recorded over.

Hazardous waste

If you see someone dumping hazardous waste (for example, asbestos or chemicals), call the Environment Agency Incident Hotline on 0800 80 70 60.

Make sure your waste doesn’t get fly-tipped

If you use a contractor to take away any of your waste, it is your responsibility to make sure that they are a registered waste carrier. Check if they are registered with the Environment Agency by searching for them on the public register, and request that they issue you with a waste transfer note.

You may be held accountable if you give your waste to a non-registered carrier and it is later fly-tipped.

Before you report it

Report fly-tipping on our website.

Using our website to report issues
You will need to provide a location of the issue (post code or town) and then select the relevant category:


  • Drains and flooding
  • Public spaces and parks
  • Roads and pavements
  • Rubbish and environment

You will need to provide the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your email address
  • Location of the issue
  • A summary of the issue

Report it online