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Procurement and Commissioning Strategy

Core policy: Address the Climate Emergency

The Climate Emergency will become a 'Golden Thread' within the Strategy whilst ensuring we do not lose focus on delivering our other ambitions.

The strategy will work towards the following objectives: 

  1. Consider the carbon footprint and environmental impact of all products and services bought by us over their lifetime. 

  2. Consider suppliers’ capability to address these environmental impacts throughout the supply chain when awarding contracts. 

  3. Encourage use of local suppliers to further reduce the our Carbon Footprint. 

  4. Encourage innovation by emphasising our needs and desired outcomes to allow suppliers to come up with the most cost effective and sustainable solutions. 

We must not lose sight of the overarching objectives within the Procurement Framework/Operating Model: 

  • To ensure procurement best practice underpins the delivery of all of our strategic ambitions and statutory obligations

  • To deliver the ambitions in a compliant manner within relevant legislation and best practice as well as providing evidence that goods and services demonstrate value for money 

Each objective has associated actions to achieve it.  When addressing the actions to take, we need to consider that there will be existing contracts where we have an ongoing contract in place with a company which will expire on a date sometime in the future.  There will also be new contracts for brand new requirements and contracts that are being reviewed and re-procured.