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Mental health care pathway consultation (closed)

The purpose of this consultation

Use this page to learn about how this project has developed up to now, and how and why we are looking for your input now.

Select a topic below to learn in more detail about how we are designing our new model for care and support, and the place of this consultation in that process.

The project so far

We are aiming to design a partnership model to provide care and support for people with mental ill health. This means working together with care provider organisations to develop a way of organising and delivering these services to people who need them. We have already started the first phases of this work.

Our care provider partnership

Earlier this year, we completed an invitation to participate exercise, to find care provider organisations to join us in designing the different services we need. These are:

  • Non-accommodation based Supported Living (including outreach and floating support)
  • Accommodation-based Supported Living (any scheme where housing, support, and sometimes care services, are provided as an integrated package)
  • Specialist residential care homes

The successful partner providers are as follows:

  • Arch Care Services
  • Bath Mind
  • Milestones Trust
  • St. Mungo's

Working with these partners, we have been looking at what a person’s pathway to accessing the right specialist care and support should look like for someone with complex needs. We have come up with a proposed model, and we want to ask for your thoughts on whether this looks like the right approach, before finalising the model.

This consultation

This is a short consultation to hear your initial feedback on the pathway proposal so far, as an opportunity to influence its development. We want to know from you what you like about it, what you might improve, and any other comments or questions you think we should be considering. 

There are parts of our proposed model that we are still working on, and will decide after listening to your feedback. You can read more about the items that are still in progress, on our Care pathway overview page.

Next steps

This consultation will run until 19 December. We hope to finalise our agreed care pathway in January 2022, and to start using the new model from around September 2022.

To get a fuller idea of the scope and stages of the whole project, please view our Project timeline page.