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Make a complaint about Planning Services

If you are unhappy with how we have worked on a planning application, you can make a complaint.

Check if you want to complain, or appeal


The complaints process only deals with the way we have handled a planning application. Anyone can make a complaint, if one or more of the following is true:

  • You think we did not follow the correct procedure when making our decision.
  • You want to complain about an aspect of the service you received.
  • You want to complain about a member of staff involved in the decision making process.


You cannot make a complaint about the planning decision itself. We base our decisions on complex local and national policy, and an individual Planning Officer cannot change that policy, only interpret and implement it. You can appeal against a planning decision if you made the application and you are unhappy about one of the following:

  • The decision we have made
  • The time we have taken to reach our decision. We should send you our Decision Notice within 8 weeks (or 13 weeks, for major developments, involving ten or more new homes or over 1000 sq m of new floor space).

See guidance on the GOV.UK website to help you with the appeals process.

If you are not the applicant, you cannot make an appeal, but you can make comments on appeals. If you want to be updated about the appeals process for an application that you feel strongly about, sign up for our email notification service.

Before you make a complaint

Before you make a complaint, you need to contact the Planning Officer handling the case. They will be able to answer your query, as they know the background of the case. This discussion may mean you can reach a resolution without having to make a formal complaint.

If you are unable to contact the Planning Officer, you can call 01225 394041, and one of the team may be able to provide you with the information you need, or pass on a message.

If you are still not happy after talking through the issue, you can complain using our council-wide service complaints process