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Keynsham Recycling Hub

Project timeline (including latest progress updates)

The timeline below shows the project stages we will follow. We will update this page as more details become available.

Expand the sections below to find out more about each stage.

  1. Public consultation on the proposals

    Completed December 2020

    We held a public consultation on the Keynsham Recycling proposals in December 2020, alongside another consultation asking for suggestions for locations for Bath recycling centres and other ideas to increase recycling. This gained broadly supportive responses.

    Feedback on the Keynsham Recycling Hub consultation showed that 70% of residents who responded support modern facilities for efficiency and reliability of refuse and recycling collections. A total of 71% of respondents supported the key aim of preparing for the future and encouraging more recycling. Read more in our Statement of Community Involvement within the documents submitted with our planning application.

    The planning application process included a further opportunity for residents, businesses, the local town and parish councils, and other stakeholders to give their views.

  2. Planning application submitted

    Completed January 2021

    A detailed planning submission was made at the end of January 2021. This was considered by our technical officers, as well as external organisations such as Natural England.

    The reference number is 21/00435/EREG03 and you can view the responses on our website.

  3. Demolition of redundant buildings at Pixash Lane

    Completed May 2021

    The demolition of the redundant buildings at Pixash Lane was completed in May 2021. This was to prepare the site for groundworks and construction to start in the autumn, once a contractor has been appointed.

    MOD site demolition

    All the brick and stone is being kept on site to be re-used during the construction – that saves journeys by lorry to take it away now, and even more in future because we won’t need to bring hardcore in to the site.

    MOD site bricks

  4. Planning decision 

    Completed July 2021

    Read the decision notice from July 2021 granting planning permission.

  5. Proposals and funding agreement

    Completed July 2021
  6. Budget uplift agreed

    Completed February 2022

    Council approved a budget increase of £9.2m for the Keynsham Recycling Hub.

  7. Site preparation works

    Completed April 2022

    Preparatory work (to secure and prepare the site ahead of the main works) has been completed.

    Some of the stone that was retained on site after the demolition of the previous buildings has been used to create a haul road, allowing vehicles to drive around the site without sinking in the mud.

    Photo of Hull Road

    Site offices and welfare/meeting rooms have been brought on site and a new parking area, with access via Worlds End Lane, has been created for contractors and site visitors.

    Photo Site huts and car park
  8. Construction

    Active May 2022

    Work is underway with the main contractor, Farrans, on site working on:

    • Storm Drainage and Utilities
    • RRC and Section 278 works

    From 8 June 2022, essential highway and utility works will be underway for up to six months. See our news story for more detail. From time to time, there will be closures or partial closures, with diversions in place along Pixash Lane, when necessary.

    A Section 73 application for minor amendments to the current planning consent has been approved. The proposed changes include the following:

    • Realignment of the road
    • Amendments to the structure of the MRF building
    • Using a prefabricated timber frame building rather than a steel frame construction for the Salt Barn. 

    You can view the application on the website by searching with the reference: 22/02206/VAR

    Construction is progressing well. The steel frameworks are in place for the larger buildings: the main office, staff welfare and workshop, the waste and recycling processing building (where waste and recycling from households will be tipped, sorted, baled and re-loaded), and the new public Reuse and Recycling Centre.

    The photograph shows the waste and recycling processing building (where waste and recycling from households will be tipped, sorted, baled and re-loaded) nearest the railway line.

    Photograph of waste and recycling processing building

    The photograph below shows the staff offices, welfare, training and education facilities and the fleet workshop in the foreground. Behind this you can see the upper level of the public Reuse and Recycling Centre (RRC). World’s End Lane (on the left) is in the process of being upgraded and an entrance will be created to the new RRC.

    Shows the staff offices, welfare, training and education facilities and the fleet workshop in the foreground

    This photo gives you an aerial view of the whole site with the current recycling centre in the top right-hand corner. The yellow boxes in the lower part of the photo are the site offices and welfare meeting rooms and alongside is the temporary parking area for site visitors and contractors.

    Aerial view of the whole new recycling processing site with the current recycling centre in the top right-hand corner

    Work will continue on the:

    • Salt barn and Traders transfer station
    • Fit out of buildings
    • Weighbridges and control cabin
    • External yards
    • Landscaping
  9. Opening of new public Re-use and Recycling Centre

    On target Spring 2023
    The new public recycling centre will be quicker and easier to use, with expanded recycling provision. It will enable residents to recycle more which will contribute to our Climate Emergency goals.

    The new entrance to the public facilities will be on Worlds End Lane which will be widened and upgraded ahead of the opening.  We are working on opening the Re-use shop in Spring 2023.

  10. Relocation of operations from Midland Road, Bath

    On target Autumn 2023

    Our fleet of collection vehicles, which are currently based at Midland Road and Ashmead Road, will start to operate out of Keynsham Recycling Hub. The Midland Road public recycling centre will remain open until an alternative like-for-like Bath site is in place. Read more about Recycling Centres for Bath.