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Get a social care and support assessment

Get a social care and support assessment if you're struggling to do things on a daily basis, or need extra support. You can also get a carer's assessment if you look after someone.


If you are over 18 years old and live in Bath and North East Somerset, you can request a social care and support assessment from us, regardless of your financial situation. We might ask you to contribute to the cost of some of the services we recommend, but this will depend on your situation and the type of service. 

Who might need a social care and support assessment?

Anyone who needs extra support might need a social care and support assessment. This could be if you:

  • are an older person
  • have a learning disability
  • have a physical disability
  • have mental health needs
  • have drug or alcohol issues
  • are a carer.

Tell us about health or care needs

If you or someone you know needs health or care support, call us on 01225 394570 and select option 2. Our phone lines are open Monday to Thursday, 8.30am to 5pm, and Fridays, 8.30am to 4.30pm.

Before you call us, think about what is working well at the moment, what isn't working so well and what might make things work better for you, or the person in need of support.

What we will do

When you call us we will go through an initial assessment over the phone which can take up to 30 minutes. We will then ask you a number of questions about your health or care needs, or the needs of the person you are calling about.

Other useful information
Before you call, it's useful to have the following information about yourself or the person you are calling about:


  • name, date of birth and address of the person who needs support
  • details about how they manage with daily tasks:
    • washing and dressing
    • preparing food and drink
    • managing home and money
    • getting out and about
    • managing relationships with family and friends

We will either refer you (or the person you are calling about) for a social care and support assessment with a suitably qualified person (usually in person), or we will recommend certain services which are relevant to your needs.

Where possible, we will explore whether there are family or friends who can help with certain things, for example, getting dressed, cleaning or food shopping. However, we understand that everyone's needs are different.

Paying for support

If your needs meet the national eligibility criteria (as described in the Care Act), you will be eligible for certain statutory services which you may or may not have to pay for, depending on your circumstances. See our paying for social care and support page for more information.

We will then carry out a financial assessment which works out what you need to pay towards the cost of your care or support (if anything). This involves completing a form with information about your income and assets.

What a social care and support assessment covers

A social care and support assessment is a discussion between you, or the person you look after if you are a carer, and a suitably qualified person, about your health or care needs. It will cover the things you're struggling with and the things you want to achieve.

Prepare for a social care and support assessment

You can ask anyone you wish to attend your assessment (for example, a carer, relative or friend). You may need an advocate which is a person who will help you understand the information we go through with you, and who will also help you communicate your views and feelings. Find out more about advocates.

During your assessment, a suitably qualified person will do the following:

  • talk to you about your daily life
  • ask if there's anything you have difficulty with
  • make sure you have a chance to clearly express your own views and preferences about your life
  • ask whether you are happy for them to get in touch with anyone else involved with your health and wellbeing (this includes any unpaid friends or relatives who help to support you as well as professionals, such as, doctors, nurses or physiotherapists)
  • talk to you about whether your needs meet the national eligibility criteria
  • ask you about any friends or family members who support you, to find out more about what they do for you (if a friend or family member helps to support you, they are also entitled to a carers’ assessment).

We may need to share some of the information you give us with other individuals and organisations, but we will talk to you about this first. 

Next steps

Once we have a clear picture of your needs, we will work with you to create a care and support plan, and carry out a financial assessment. We will also send you a copy of your completed social care and support assessment and how we have worked out your eligibility.

If you have urgent needs, we may make some temporary support arrangements while your assessment is completed.