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Bike hangar installation consultation

This consultation is now closed

Have your say on our plans to extend our bike hangar pilot by installing up to 20 new bike hangars on streets in Bath and North East Somerset.

Scheme overview

We have received funding approval from WECA (The West of England Combined Authority) to install between 15 and 20 bike hangars in the area.

Bike hangars offer lockable and secure bike storage for up to 6 bikes. The on-street hangars provide safe parking facilities if you do not have bike storage space in your home or workplace. 

The hangars are approximately the same size as half of a car parking space, and would be located on the road.

Read the policy context behind this project

Our Journey to Net Zero policy aims to encourage a modal shift to active travel methods, such as cycling, walking and wheeling; creating improved places for people to live and work.

Cycling has the potential to replace many short car journeys, reducing air pollution and congestion and improving public health.

This project is the second phase of our bike hangar rollout in Bath and North East Somerset. We recently installed 4 pilot hangars on three streets in Bath, and they are available to rent from our supplier Falco. The first phase of the trial has been a success, with uptake of spaces reaching 90% capacity within 4 weeks. This demonstrates the need for this provision in our towns and cities.

Why we are consulting

Finding suitable bike storage can be an issue for many people that live in flats or shared housing without the space to store bikes. This installation project seeks to address this barrier to cycling by providing secure, covered cycle parking locations.

We want to hear your suggestions for installation locations. This will allow us to identify 20 high-priority locations for funding.

Once we have this location data, we will carry out technical assessments to find out whether bike hangars are suitable in these locations. These site assessments will evaluate the following factors:

  • Statutory and other planning requirements
  • Level of demand on streets
  • Deprivation index statistics
  • Number of respondents that use a bike to carry children
  • Number of respondents that have a disability

We will also use your feedback to assess whether there is further demand for future bike hangar installation projects.

What this means for you

If we install these bike hangars, cyclists will be able to rent a space in one of the new hangars. Each bike parking space will cost £42 for a year of parking.

Pedestrians may benefit from bike hangar installation, as bikes that may have been stored against railings or other street furniture can be stored in a way that does not obstruct the pavement.

We will carry out site suitability assessments to ensure that any installed hangars do not affect Blue Badge holders, disabled parking spaces or create obstructions in the road. They will not be placed on double yellow lines or similar restrictions.

Have your say

Warning This consultation is now closed

Next steps

We will use your feedback to identify up to 20 high-priority areas for installation. We will plot areas of high demand and locate the best sites for residents based on your feedback.

We aim to procure and install the bike hangars in Summer 2023.

After the consultation has closed, we will publish a feedback report in Spring 2023.