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Class N3 Euro 6 diesel HGV charge consultation

What this scheme means for you

Our proposal works within our wider council strategy to broaden the success of the Bath Clean Air Zone (CAZ) by making our area a better place to live, work and visit. Use this page to learn how it might affect you.

We hope to reduce the demand on road space, protecting our road infrastructure and conserving our World Heritage Site.

We recognise our proposals will affect some people more than others, so we have tried to provide more detail on what our proposals might mean for you.

HGV and haulage owners and operators

If our proposals go ahead, we will introduce a £50 charge for Class N3 Euro 6 HGVs which enter the charging scheme area. This is lower than the existing charge of £100 for non-compliant Class N3 Euro 5 diesel HGVs and below.

We recognise that owners and operators of heavier HGVs have already made considerable fleet improvements in response to the CAZ. Therefore, our proposed charging system would be supported by time-limited local exemptions. We intend to work with fleet owners during and after this public consultation to make sure your opinions are taken into account.

As an owner of a chargeable Class N3 Euro 6 diesel HGV, you would need to make payment of this new charge through a separate payment portal via our website. This is because while this charge would be passed using the legal mechanism of the CAZ Charging Order, it is a separate, local charge. It is distinct from existing CAZ charges in the city of Bath. However, the CAZ boundary and the charging scheme area of this consultation occupy the same geographical area.

If a vehicle you own is eligible for an exemption, you would be required to register the vehicle and log journeys using an existing system to avoid paying a charge.

HGVs weighing under 12 tonnes would be unaffected by the charge.

Businesses in and around Bath

We want to support local small and medium-sized businesses and their supply chains by implementing time-limited, local exemptions to the charging scheme. We intend to work with fleet owners during and after this consultation to make sure their opinions and needs are taken into account.

If your business receives deliveries or collections by Class N3 Euro 6 diesel HGVs, we would like to hear your views on how this proposed change might impact your business, if there is any scope for adaptations and if there are any temporary measures that would help your business adapt to the change.


We hope that the proposed new charging scheme for Class N3 Euro 6 diesel HGVs will help us make further progress in protecting our roads and historic infrastructure (like the Grade II* listed Cleveland Bridge) from heavy vehicular traffic, as well as conserving our World Heritage Site.