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Claim a refund on your Council Tax

If you have received a Council Tax bill with a credit on it, either through changing address or an overpayment of a discount or exemption, we will need to issue a refund to the account holder.

If you are a student claiming the energy rebate payment

If you are a student and you have not yet received your Energy Rebate payment, it will be allocated directly to your Council Tax account by 30 September 2022.

We understand that you may have already left the property. Therefore, when applying for the rebate using our online form, you need to submit a copy of your tenancy agreement proving your residence.

Please talk with your housemates to ensure that only one of you applies on the household’s behalf. This will enable us to quickly process your claim.

If you’re the sole bill payer, any credit/overpayment can be refunded to your bank account. You can claim a refund using our online form.

If the bill is in more than one name, each named bill payer must complete this form to confirm how they wish the refund to be paid back. The credit can either be paid back to one person in full, or you can have the amount split between bill payers as required.

We cannot issue any refund until all the bill payers have each completed this form separately.

If you have Council Tax still to pay on your account or on a different account within B&NES, we will not issue any refund. We will use any credit to reduce your other Council Tax bills.

Before you claim

To claim a refund on your Council Tax you will need:

  • Your Council Tax account number
  • Your bank details for a BACS transfer
  • The names of anyone else named on the Council Tax bill

Claim a refund on your Council Tax