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Challenging a parking fine

If you think you have received a fine in error or have mitigating circumstances that you want to tell us about, you can challenge a parking fine. While you are challenging the fine, you should not pay it, until you know the outcome of your challenge.

To challenge a fine you will need:

  • the Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) number (for example BN12345678)
  • your vehicle registration number

Challenge a parking fine online

How long have I got to make a challenge?

You can challenge a parking fine any time up to 28 days after the date the fine was issued. However, if you challenge your fine within 14 days of receiving it you will only pay the reduced amount, even if your challenge is unsuccessful.

Other ways of challenging your fine

By post - Please write to us at Parking Services, Bath and North East Somerset Council, PO Box 5197, Bath, BA1 0UF.

You cannot challenge a parking fine over the phone or in person. It must be done in writing. You will need to quote the number from your fine, which will start with BN. You will also need to clearly state the reasons why you want to challenge the fine. If you need help with this, you can call 01225 477133 or visit an Information and Advice Service.

If your challenge is rejected

If we cannot accept your challenge, you can appeal against this decision. This is called making a formal representation. You do not need to have made a challenge to make a formal representation.

You will receive a letter 28 days after the fine was issued if no payment is made (called a Notice to Owner) and this will tell you how you can make a representation.

You will have a further 28 days from the date on the Notice to Owner letter to make a formal representation. You will need the web code printed on your Notice to Owner, your BN reference number and your vehicle registration number.

Make a representation online

If your representation is rejected

If your representation is rejected, we will notify you of this by letter. This letter will also tell you how you can appeal this decision. The appeal will be dealt with by the Traffic Penalty Tribunal and their decision will be final.

Getting advice

If you want independent advice, please contact PATROL UK.