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Bullying, discrimination, behaviour and discipline

By law, all schools must have policies covering bullying, acceptable behaviour and discipline. They should publish these policies on their school website, so you can check them when selecting a school, or if your child is already attending. 


Bullying policies will state how the school is working to prevent bullying, identify when it is happening, how they will support victims and deal with those guilty of bullying. Parents, teachers and pupils must all be told the details of the policy. You can learn more about different types of bullying, both inside and outside school, and when the police should become involved, on the GOV.UK website

Sources of support
  • The Anti-Bullying Alliance offers a wide range of information and tools for children, parents, carers and teachers
  • Kidscape provide workshops for children aged 9 to 16 who have experienced bullying
  • Childline offers a variety of support which children can access directly, including a crisis line


All schools must obey the same national anti-discrimination law. This means that teachers must act to prevent or stop discrimination, harassment and victimisation within school. You can learn more about what this may involve, the legislation behind it, and what you can do about any discrimination you or your child experience, on the GOV.UK website

If you have experienced or witnessed incidents of discrimination, you can report them using our anonymous online reporting form

Sources of support

Behaviour and discipline

Schools must publish their policy on what behaviour is acceptable, and the discipline, or 'sanctions', they may use in cases of bad behaviour at school. These will range from a verbal telling-off or a warning, to detention or exclusion from school. To learn more about your rights and responsibilities if your child is excluded, visit our page on Exclusion from school