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Bath Local Centres High Street Improvement Scheme

Purpose of the project

Online shopping has become increasingly popular, and this trend accelerated during the COVID-19 pandemic. This has had a negative impact on the number of people visiting high streets and spending money there. As a result, we need to invest money and planning to diversify the function of the high street and proactively draw in footfall. This will support both the existing retailers and the broader functions of local centres.

The core aim of the scheme is to renew and improve the economic resilience of local and district centres (areas that provide a focus for local convenience, service retail or community facilities) through implementing projects that improve the street environment and support greater animation of public spaces.

The scheme aims to: 

  • Support the local economy by sustaining footfall and occupancy in local centres
  • Support improved sustainability and health outcomes
  • Promote improved accessibility
  • Empower communities surrounding local centres

All the sites within this scheme are freely-accessible public space, meaning that the project not only serves people using the high street for shopping, but also the wider public, who will benefit from an improved public space, green infrastructure and free animation and events.