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Apply to use electrical supplies for Christmas lighting

We will always do our best to work with our communities to enable safe and sufficient electrical supplies for Christmas lighting to be installed on the highway.

We already install Christmas lighting in Bath City Centre, Combe Down, Keynsham, Larkhall, Midsomer Norton, Moorland Road, Radstock and Weston.

If you would like to use an electrical supply for additional Christmas lighting, you must inform National Grid and the local electricity company.

By informing National Grid, you allow time for them to formalise any appropriate agreements with us before you are permitted to use our electricity supply points for your Christmas lights.

If it is not safe to use our existing electricity supplies, new supply pillars may need to be installed. We need to approve any suggested new installations before they go ahead.

Electrical supply for Christmas decorations

If the street lighting columns in question are deemed structurally safe, it may be possible to attach Christmas decorations. 

Time controlled plugs and sockets must be used to connect the decorations to the electrical supply.

If you request electrical supplies for Christmas decorations, you (or the organisation who have requested the decorations) are responsible for paying for any supplies or works required to complete the installation.

Electrical supply for Christmas trees

Christmas tree lights are connected to electrical supply pillars that provide suitably low voltage to maintain public safety.

This kind of lighting requires the use of a step down transformer.

If it is the first installation of a Christmas tree in a location, we may need to install purpose made supply pillars. This kind of installation requires approval from our Highways Team well in advance. You will need to cover the cost of any construction or installation required as a result of your request.


If your request is granted but requires works or installations to make it possible, you (or the organisation making the request) will be expected to cover the costs of the works and installation. This will be dealt with directly by the organisation completing the works. 

Before you start

Before you complete the application, please have the following information ready:

  • The nearest address, or addresses, of the street lighting columns you wish to attach lights or decoration to
  • Proof of contact with National Grid
  • Proof of public liability insurance

Apply to use electrical supplies for Christmas lighting

WarningRequests made after 31 July in the same year that the Christmas lighting is required will not be considered.

Complete our online form to apply to use electrical supplies for Christmas lighting.

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