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Apply to name or number a street or property

We are responsible for registering new addresses, and changes to addresses.

You can use this service to do the following:

  • Name a new street
  • Give a name or number to a new property
  • Change the name of an existing property
  • Track the progress of an existing naming or numbering application

If you use this service, we will liaise with Royal Mail and get a postcode allocated to the address, if required.

For the following situations, you will need to email us to discuss your application:

  • An application for new build student accommodation
  • An application to recombine units within a property
  • If you are a solicitor or building society with an enquiry

Before you apply

You can only change the name of a property if you are the owner. If you are buying a property, you can register the change in advance of moving in, and the change will take effect from an agreed date.

You will need the following information and documents to make your application:

  • For changes of name or address, the current property name and address 
  • For new developments or multiple properties, a copy of the plans, showing road layout and plot numbers 
  • For flats, the internal layout plans
  • A credit or debit card to pay the fee

We also recommend consulting our naming and numbering policy and guidelines, for guidance on selecting new street names, or following numbering conventions.

Apply or check on your application online


You will need to pay the following fees when you apply. The charges are outside the scope of VAT.

Service Cost
Name or rename an existing property £56
Name or number a new property £68
Recombine units within a property £68
Proof of existing address £11
Enquiries from solicitors and building societies £75