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Apply for a business parking permit

If your commercial premises is in a Residents' Parking Zone, you may be entitled to up to two parking permits for essential business vehicles or for visitors to your business.


Any type of business or organisation can apply, including schools and charities, as long as the business is registered for Business Rates. You can apply for a permit to meet these commercial needs:

  • an essential business vehicle, such as a delivery van
  • parking for visitors to your business premises

A business is entitled to a maximum of 2 permits in any combination per property as registered within the Local Land Property Gazetteer (LLPG) database.

Where multiple businesses operate from a single property, the maximum entitlement to 2 permits is shared between businesses, operating on a first-come, first-served basis.

However, a property with access to an off-street parking space will only be eligible for 1 business permit. You can read more about what constitutes an off-street parking space in our terms and conditions.

You cannot apply for a business parking permit if any of the following apply:

  • it's for a personal vehicle that you use for travelling to work
  • your premises has more than one off-street parking space
  • you are located in the Bath central zone
If your business is a new development or redeveloped property
New developments and new builds and properties that have been redeveloped within existing residents’ parking zones are not generally entitled to parking permits. This includes properties which may have been subject to a change in use, for example from business use to residential use and/or where planning permission may have been required. If you are a potential tenant, purchaser, resident/business owner or developer, we strongly advise that you contact us for advice on your eligibility for any type of permit. You can email us at or call on 01225 47 71 33 View our Policy for Allocation of Parking Permits in Controlled Zones.


Business permit costs
Permit number 6 month cost 12 month cost
1st permit £55 £110
2nd permit £82.50 £165
Total cost for 2 permits £137.50 £275

The charge paid for a business parking permit covers the membership, administration, maintenance, and enforcement of permit schemes, and does not guarantee a parking space.

Before you apply

If necessary, check which parking zone you are in. Please note that business parking permits are not available in Bath central zone.

Permits are virtual meaning there is nothing to display in the vehicle. There is no need to activate a parking stay when using a business vehicle permit, however business visitor permits will need to be activated via the Permit On Demand (POD) account.

Permits are valid for six or twelve months (depending on your purchase) from the date of issue. To avoid the risk of a parking ticket, you must renew your permit before it expires. You can do this up to one month before the expiry date of your current permit.

When you apply, you will need to provide your Business Rates account number.

If you are applying for essential business vehicles you will also need to provide:

  • A copy of your V5 document showing the vehicle is registered to the business as the vehicle owner/keeper
  • Evidence the vehicle is insured for business use

Apply online now

How to use your permit

Essential business vehicles

A permit will allow you to park your business vehicle in all on-street resident parking bays within your allocated zone. The permit does not allow you to park in other zones, and you cannot park in time-limited waiting or Pay and Display parking areas.

It is vehicle specific and can only be used for the nominated vehicle. We will not provide a refund if a permit is no longer required or unable to be used.

A business permit must not be used for staff or owner parking as a form of commuter parking.

If you have a change in vehicle, your permit must be updated and you must provide proof of business vehicle insurance. To update your permit and provide proof of insurance, you must contact Parking Services. You can email or call 01225477133. There is a £10 administration charge for transferring your permit to the new vehicle.

Business visitors

A business visitor permit can be used by the permit holder to activate a parking stay for a visitor to the business when using a passenger vehicle, car-derived van or goods vehicle. A business visitor permit is not vehicle specific.

Once your application has been approved, you will be able to purchase a digital permit and activate a parking stay for visitors through a Permit On Demand (POD) account in MiPermit. This is straightforward, and we will provide information to explain how. Permits are virtual, which means that there is nothing to display in the vehicle.

A permit will allow your business visitors to park their vehicles in all on-street resident parking bays within your allocated zone. The permit does not allow them to park in other zones, and they cannot park in time-limited waiting or Pay and Display parking areas.

Warning It is the permit holder’s responsibility to activate a parking stay upon each visitor’s arrival, in order for the permit to be valid and to avoid the issue of a Penalty Charge Notice to the vehicle owner/driver

If one of your visitors gets a parking fine while using your Business Visitor Parking Permit, it is their responsibility to either pay or appeal. We will be unable to accept any appeals from you, on your visitor’s behalf.