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Apply for a Hotel Parking Permit

Hotel Parking Permits are designed to allow hotels, holiday lets and guest houses in Bath to offer convenient parking to their guests, as part of their hospitality package. Whilst we encourage all visitors to use sustainable modes of transport, to reduce vehicle emissions and improve air quality for all, we realise this will not always be possible.

The new digital Hotel Parking Permits now include all parking permits previously called Hotel, Holiday Let or Guest House Parking Permits. The rules governing these new permits have changed significantly from the permits you may have previously held. Use this page to find out how to apply for and use one of these permits.

Check your eligibility

You can find full details of the new Hotel Parking Permits in our Parking Permit Terms and Conditions. Or select a topic below, to find out more.

Who can apply

To be eligible for a Hotel Parking Permit, all of the following must apply to your business:

  • You are registered for Business Rates.
  • You were an existing Hotel, Holiday Let or Guest House Parking Permit holder on 16 December 2021 (the date of the sealing, or confirmation, of the new Traffic Regulation Order that implements these new Hotel Parking Permits).
  • You can apply for and use your permit digitally, via our online MiPermit service.

Permit entitlement

The number of permits you can apply for will differ, depending on the type of permit you previously held, and any off-street parking your establishment has (or originally had). This may not be the same entitlement has you previously had.

  • Previous Hotel or Guest House Permit holders

  • The number of guest parking stays (or 'permits') you can activate at any one time remains linked to the number of discrete rooms in your hotel (to a maximum of 15). If your establishment has off-street parking (or historic off-street parking space which has now been sold or used for development), we will count this as part of your available parking, and will reduce the number of available permits accordingly.

    Previous Holiday Let Permit holders

  • You are only entitled to a single permit for your guests to use. If your establishment has off-street parking (or historic off-street parking space which has now been sold or used for development), we will count this as your available parking, and you will not be able to apply for a permit.

What the permit allows

These new Hotel permits now operate within an Inner and an Outer permit zone, with different rules for what the permit allows within each zone.  

  • Hotel Inner Zone (Bath Central, Zone 1 and Zone 6)

    Permits are valid in council long stay car parks only. This means car parks which allow parking of more than 4 hours. The permit does not provide reserved parking in a specific bay, and use is subject to the availability of spaces.

    Guests who hold a valid Blue Badge may use an Inner Hotel Zone Parking Permit differently. They can use any of the following parking spaces within the Hotel Inner Zones:

    • On-street Resident Permit-holder parking bays
    • On-street dual use bays (Resident Permit-holder / Pay & Display bays)
    • In a council long stay car park

    In all cases, these guests will need to have a valid Hotel Parking Permit with an activated stay; for on-street parking options, they must also display their Blue Badge in their vehicle.

  • Hotel Outer Zone (all other resident parking zones)

    In these zones, guests with a Hotel Parking Permit may park in the zone where the establishment is located, in the following places:

    • On-street permit-holder parking bays
    • On-street dual use bays (Resident Permit-holder / Pay & Display bays

    Your guests cannot use a Hotel Parking Permit to park in council car parks in the Outer Zone.

Check the cost

There is no fee for registering your permit. We will only charge you for the number of parking stays you activate for your guests, using your permit. 

The duration and cost for Hotel Parking Permit parking stays is the same in the Inner and Outer Zones. You can activate guest parking stays in 24-hour units (running from 12 noon to 12 noon, to accommodate usual check-in and check-out times).

Each 24-hour period is chargeable at the 12-hour parking rate at a long stay council car park, currently £17.10, whether your guests are parking in a council car park, or in permit-holder or dual use bays on the street.

How to apply

You can apply online using our online MiPermit service. You will need your Business Rates number and details of your existing Hotel, Holiday Let or Guest House Parking Permit.

Apply online now

How to use the permit

Select a topic below to find out more to help you and your guests to use your Hotel Parking Permit correctly.

Validity and limits to usage

A Hotel permit parking stay is valid for up to 24 hours, with the changeover time from one activated parking stay period to another at noon (to take account of typical hospitality check-in and check-out times). This means:

  • If your parking stay starts from noon or later on the activation date, it will continue until noon the following day.
  • If your parking stay starts before noon, if will continue until noon on the same day.

It is possible to activate stays lasting multiple days. Each single 24-hour stay is chargeable at the 12-hour parking rate at a long stay council car park.

These permits are not valid for use in any private car park or council short stay car park.

Hotel Permit parking in council car parks is subject to the availability of space. Activating a parking permit stay does not guarantee a parking space for your guest, or entitle them to park in a reserved bay.

Activating a parking stay

You can activate parking stays for your guests on their behalf using the MiPermit smartphone app (available on iOS or Android). When you have successfully applied for a permit, we will set up a Permit On Demand (POD) account, and send you instructions on how to activate guest parking stays on this account. We will charge your account each time you activate a parking stay for one of your guests with your Hotel Permit. 

It is your responsibility, as the permit holder, to activate a parking stay upon your guest’s arrival, for the permit to be valid. 

You can set up parking stays in advance, for example, at the time of the guests’ reservation or booking. You can also cancel the stay at any time before the booked parking time period has started, and we won't charge your account.

Parking fines

If your guests are using a Hotel Permit in a long stay council car park, they must comply with the terms and conditions for parking, as advertised in the car park. For example, they may get a parking fine if they park in reserved or suspended bays, or out of a bay.  

If one of your guests gets a parking fine while using your Hotel Parking Permit, it is their responsibility to either pay or appeal. We will be unable to accept any appeals from you, on your guest's behalf.

You can find full details of the new Hotel Parking Permits in our Parking Permit Terms and Conditions

View the background to the changes in how we issue and manage Hotel Permit parking in our online support material from our Spring 2021 and Autumn 2021 public consultations.