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Whitchurch village and Queen Charlton

The Whitchurch village and Queen Charlton area is one of 15 areas in our Liveable Neighbourhoods (LN) programme. The villages are situated just off the A37 approximately 8.4 miles away from Bath.

About the programme

Liveable Neighbourhoods is a community-led programme that aims to improve residential streets and encourage safe, active and more sustainable forms of travel, such as walking, wheeling and cycling.

Typical improvements suggested by communities are:  

  • Better crossings, footways and cycle lanes to connect homes with shops, schools and community hubs  
  • Traffic-calming measures to tackle anti-social driving, speeding and inconsiderate parking
  • Pleasant places for people to sit and meet others outside

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Our approach

Our role is to support communities to develop their own LNs, engaging with them at every stage of development. We want to hear from a diverse range of people to ensure the final designs meet everyone’s needs.  

Our approach to developing LNs

Development of this LN

  • In Autumn 2020, we asked residents across the district how they felt about LNs, and 48 communities then applied to become a LN, via ward councillors. 
  • In June 2021, we prioritised 15 areas where development of LNs could start (this included an area which merged Whitchurch village and Queen Charlton).
  • In December 2021, we asked for your feedback on what was good about the area, what transport-related issues you experience, and what improvements would make the most impact.  
  • In Spring/Summer 2022, we then held a series of co-design workshops where residents prioritised the measures they wanted to see included.
  • During Winter 2023, we shortlisted these proposals, taking costs and practicalities into consideration before preparing the draft designs.
  • In Summer 2023, we plan to consult on draft designs for Whitchurch village and Queen Charlton. This will be an inclusive public engagement to gather everyone’s thoughts on the proposals before we consider the feedback and draw up more detailed plans.  

The outcomes of our consultations and engagements are published on our project timeline.

View our full project development timeline

Outcomes of original engagement

Out of the 1,625 responses submitted as part of our public engagement in December 2021, 68 people commented on the Whitchurch Village and Queen Charlton area. Below is a summary of what people said:

What is good about the area?

  • 46 said 'strong community spirit'
  • 10 said 'safe and healthy environment'
  • 5 said 'accessibility for walking, wheeling and cycling'

What issues are experienced?

  • 66 said 'speeding traffic'
  • 60 said 'through traffic'
  • 21 said 'not enough space for wheeling, walking or cycling'
  • 21 said 'HGV traffic'
  • 18 said school run traffic'
  • 8 said 'pavement parking'

What measures could improve the area?

  • 65 said 'a restriction on through traffic or HGVs'
  • 18 said 'new or wider footways'
  • 16 said 'new or improved cycle lanes'
  • 10 said 'new pedestrian crossings'
  • 4 said 'trees and planting'

Outcomes of the co-design workshops

We held a workshop on 21 June 2022 with residents who expressed an interest in co-developing the Whitchurch Village and Queen Charlton LN.

Attendees took part in a series of exercises to identify what they liked about the area, what could be improved, and what specific measures could help, plotting these on a map of the area.

To see the maps and the longlist of ideas suggested by the community, please view the following report. 

View the workshop report

In August 2022, attendees were invited back to review the outcomes of the workshop and prioritise their ideas, focusing on the original application area. Go to ‘Recommendations for design' for more information.

Queen Charlton Lane through-traffic restriction proposal

Due to the support expressed for through-traffic restrictions in several locations, we are progressing three schemes ahead of the wider LN programme. This includes a through-traffic restriction trial on Queen Charlton Lane for a minimum of six months (from November 2022). 

No decisions will be made on adopting or removing the trial until feedback from the ongoing consultation and a six-month survey has been analysed - as well as the wider consultation on the Whitchurch village and Queen Charlton LN has taken place.  

Learn more about the trial

A37 crossing scheme

We are hoping to fast-track measures to improve active travel around the A37 at Whitchurch village. This would be ahead of wider improvements in the area and subject to public consultation in Summer 2023.  

A new signalised crossing on the A37 will connect the residential areas of Whitchurch village and Queen Charlton to the popular community facilities on the other side of the carriageway, including a children’s playground, allotments, rugby and cricket grounds. The scheme also proposes improvements to junctions, paths, footways and bus stops.  

Artist's impression of the new A37 crossing scheme south of Whitchurch

Recommendations for design

We have shortlisted the community’s priorities for the wider Whitchurch village and Queen Charlton area against a range of criteria, including costs and practicalities.

In Winter 2023, we presented this shortlist for Whitchurch village and Queen Charlton LN to the relevant cabinet member - the measures are subject to public consultation.

View the recommended shortlist, recommendation criteria and workshop prioritisation reports

Next steps

In Summer 2023, we will ask for your views on the draft designs for Whitchurch Village and Queen Charlton LN during a six-week consultation. We would like as many people as possible to share their views on this.

We will analyse and publish all the feedback we receive before drawing up more detailed designs (considering costs, practicalities and timescales).

We will also consider what individual measures will require further statutory consultation (formal TROs, Experimental TROs and 21-Day Notices) and what measures can be installed with no further consultation, such as installing a bench or an informal crossing point.

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Contact us

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