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Transparency information

Transparency is a key condition and driver for the delivery of our services. As a publicly funded organisation, we have a duty to our residents to be transparent about our business operations and outcomes.

We have grouped our transparency information by topics, to help you locate the information you need.

Transparency information
Topic How to access this information
Complaints View reports of complaints and what we have done to address them.
Constitution Read our constitution, which sets out how we operate, make decisions and ensure that our business is efficient, transparent and accountable to local people.
Contracts portal Access existing contracts, new opportunities, and the facility to tender for contracts with us.
Council departments Find out about our main service areas, senior staff and our organisational structure.
Council meetings Explore agendas and reports of Council meetings.
Council performance Check how we are performing with our Delivery Programme for Bath and North East Somerset.
Council vacancies Find information on current vacancies within the Council and at many of our local schools.
Councillor's allowances View reports on Elected Councillor allowances in each financial year.
Fraud Explore details about our Audit Committee on Fraud and Corruption.
Freedom of Information Act - Publication Scheme Access our Freedom of Information Act Publication Scheme, which details the types of information that we make available and explains how you can access information.
Local Authority Land Find out details of Land and Building Assets that we own and manage.
Major projects Access information on major projects underway in Bath and North East Somerset.
Parking accounts Read our annual accounts records to find out information on parking income and expenditure.

View our decision making records to find out how we allocate parking surplus.

Any remaining surplus not applied to the parking reserve is used in accordance with Section 55 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act (1984).

Parking spaces View information relating to the number of parking spaces in Bath and North East Somerset.
Pay and benefits for senior staff Access our annual accounts records to find out more about pay and benefits for senior staff, including expenses.
Payments to suppliers Read reports on payments over £500 that we have made to suppliers.
Pay multiple Find out salary rates and our pay multiple.
Procurement information Explore information relating to our procurement strategy for contracts.
Rubbish and recycling rates Access detailed reports on waste and recycling rates.