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Trading pitches in parks

We offer trading pitches in several of our parks and green spaces. Trading can provide vibrancy and interest in our parks, and help to boost the local economy.

Pitch trading means selling goods such as food, drinks or other items in a park or council-owned open space.

To trade from a pitch in one of our parks, you need to complete an application form.

Warning You cannot trade in any park or open space until we approve your trading pitch application.

Trading pitch prices

A trading pitch costs £250 per month, with a minimum 3-month contract (£750 in total).

You will need to pay a £50 application fee for each application.

Applications for an ice cream pitch are subject to a bid process.

Pitch locations

Trading pitches are available in several of our parks and green spaces.

We offer licenses for non-catering pitches, mobile refreshment pitches and ice cream pitches.

Select a topic below to find available pitches in our parks:

Non-catering trading pitches

Non-catering pitches
Location Pitch number
Parade Gardens pitch 1 PG1
Parade Gardens pitch 2 PG2
Parade Gardens Collonades pitch 1 CL1
Parade Gardens Collonades pitch 2 CL2
Royal Victoria Park (bandstand area) RVP1

Mobile refreshment (catering) pitches

Mobile refreshment (catering) pitches
Location Pitch number
Haycombe Cemetery HC1
Linear Park LP1
Sydney Gardens kiosk SYD1
Sydney Gardens play area, pitch 1 SYD2
Sydney Gardens play area, pitch 2 SYD3
Queen Square QS1

Ice cream pitches

Ice cream pitches
Location Pitch number
Sandpits Play Area IC1
Queen Square (must be a bicycle or similar small stand, as there is no vehicular access) QS2

Other locations

We will also consider applications for other parks:

  • Brickfields Open Space
  • Firs Field
  • Green Park
  • Kelson Field River Park
  • Pigeon Park
  • Weston Recreation Ground

If you are interested in setting up a trading pitch in one of these locations or want to set up a pitch in a different park or green space, please specify the location in your application form. We will then consider whether the stated location is appropriate and will contact you to let you know if the location is suitable.

Guidelines and opening hours

Businesses operating on a trading pitch in one of our parks need to follow several guidelines.

Businesses must: 

  • operate within trading hours similar to shops in the immediate vicinity
  • follow food safety guidelines
  • follow gas and electricity health and safety regulations

You cannot sell or serve alcohol in our parks.

We will not normally grant consent for the sale of goods or services that conflict with those provided by nearby shops or nearby trading pitches.

You will need to send us details of the design and appearance of your stand, which we will need to approve. We will monitor the condition of all pitches regularly to ensure that required standards are maintained.

You can view the full terms and conditions on our park trading pitch guidelines page.

Apply for a trading pitch

You can apply for a park trading pitch through our online form:

Apply for a trading pitch