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Taxi fares consultation

We are consulting on a proposed 11.7% rise to the maximum Hackney Carriage taxi charges in Bath and North East Somerset.

You can view examples of the current maximum fares and the proposed maximum fares for 1 and 2-mile journeys in the table below:

Maximum fares and trip lengths
Fares 1 mile trip 2 mile trip
Current maximum fare £4.80 £7.20
Maximum fare after the proposed increase £5.40 £7.60

We are keen to hear your opinions on the proposed fare increase so we can ensure that any increase balances the needs of the taxi trade and local residents who will be affected.

Consultation overview

The proposed fare increase only applies to licensed Hackney Carriage vehicles. These are the taxis that stand at public taxi ranks, or taxis operated by local firms that exclusively use Hackney Carriages.

The proposed fare increase does not apply to private hire vehicles that you can pre-book through an operator over the phone or by using an app.

Why we are consulting on this

We want to ensure that taxi services remain affordable for taxi users who may depend on taxis as their only method of door-to-door transport. This is particularly important for elderly or disabled residents, or those with poor mobility, especially in rural areas where private hire vehicles may not be available.

However, we also need to balance the needs of taxi drivers and operators to ensure they can manage rising inflation and the increasing cost of living.

We will consider your feedback and ensure that any fare increase balances the needs of taxi users and the taxi trade.

How we decide fare increases

We regulate maximum fares to ensure that accessible immediate hire taxis are available and affordable to all passengers.

The proposed 11.7% rise is based on a formula that we have historically used to decide fare increases when requested.

We calculate a percentage increase by looking at the annual impact of inflation on motoring costs and wages. We take the annual percentage increase of Motoring Expenditure RPI (Retail Price Index) and the Average Weekly Earnings RPI and weight them 50/50, then apply the current rate of inflation to calculate a percentage figure.

View a comparison of maximum tariffs in Bath and North East Somerset and other local authorities

View the proposed fare structure

Have your say

This 8-week consultation will allow you to comment on the proposed fare increase.

We are keen to hear from a wide range of people to ensure that we can effectively consider the needs of local residents and the taxi trade.

You can respond using our online questionnaire, which should take no more than 5 to 10 minutes of your time, depending on how much you want to comment.

Respond to the consultation online

If you need further information about this consultation or any other aspect of the proposals, please contact us by email at

What happens next

Once we have your feedback, we will analyse your responses and consider if the 11.7% increase is appropriate. We will explore alternative suggestions if they are viable and proportionate.

Once we have considered your feedback, we will agree on the size of the fare increase.

We will then start the formal legal process under the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976 to formalise any agreed tariff increase.