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Street collection permit

You need to apply for a street collection permit if you want to collect money or sell articles for charity in public areas, including: streets, shop doorways and car parks.

Before you apply

You need to read and understand the requirements set out on this page before you submit an application for a permit. We cannot proceed with your application unless you give us all the information we need.

You must provide the following details:

  • Name, address, phone number and email address of the promoter or organiser
  • Name and registered number of the charity
  • Date, time and location you would like your collection to take place
WarningDue to high demand, collections in all locations can only be from 9am to 1pm, or from 1pm to 5pm. Permit holders can only collect on one morning and one afternoon per week.

Only one charity can collect per area at any one time. And you cannot use tables, stalls or similar street furniture while collecting.

Permitted collection locations

You can apply for a street collection permit at the following locations:

  • Bath North: Burton Street, Northgate Street, High Street, Union Street, and Old Bond Street promotional pitch space (in conjunction with a valid promotional pitch booking only)
  • Bath South: Stall Street, Southgate Street, Abbey Churchyard, and Kingsmead Square (in conjunction with a valid promotional pitch booking only)
  • Keynsham
  • Midsomer Norton/Radstock (not on the pedestrianised area outside Sainsbury's/The Hollies)
Collecting at Southgate Shopping centre

A Bath South collection permit does not include collection at the Southgate Shopping centre. You need to email Southgate management team for permission at:

Fees and prices

There is no charge for a street collection permit.

Licence duration

All street collection permits will be granted for the period of collection, unless we specifically state a shorter period when we grant your permit.

How to apply

You should apply for a permit at least two weeks before you plan to collect. Due to high demand, we recommend you apply as early as possible.

You can submit an application using our online form.

Apply for a street collection permit

Further information

Select a topic below to find out more about street collection permits.

The application process

Once we receive your completed application form, we will check that the charity is registered and that your chosen collection dates are available.

Processing time

Once you submit your online application, your permit will be sent to you automatically by email.  

If you submit an application by email or post, this will take longer.

Collection areas to avoid

We have allocated pitches for Big Issue sellers at the following locations in Bath, so you must avoid collecting in these areas:

  • Outside the Body Shop, Burton Street
  • Outside Molton Brown, Union Street
  • Between Pret a Manger and Costa, Stall Street
  • Between Abbey Churchyard and Kingston Parade
  • Outside HMV, Stall Street
  • Outside JJB Sports, High Street
  • Outside the Podium, Northgate Street


To appeal against a decision, you need to email Licensing Services at:

Relevant legislation

Police, Factories etc. (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1916

Charities Act 1992

We have made the information on these web pages as comprehensive as possible.  However, in attempting to simplify the law, certain requirements have been omitted. Full details of what you must do are in the relevant legislation.

Laws can and do change. We must advise that only the Courts can give an authoritative opinion on statute law.

Customer complaints

If you want to make a complaint about an individual or an organisation that is carrying out house-to-house collections, please complete our online form

Financial return statement

Within one month of the collection, you must send us a completed financial returns form (Form of Statement) showing how much money was collected and how much of this went to the charity. This must also be signed by a qualified accountant.

Download a financial return Form of Statement template