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Revocation of Air Quality Management Areas in Keynsham and Saltford

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What we are proposing to do

We intend to revoke the Air Quality Management Area (AQMA) orders for Saltford (order 2013) and Keynsham (order 2010). We are asking for your feedback on factors we should consider before we revoke the AQMAs. 

Learn more about Area Quality Management Areas (AQMAs)

Reasons for an Air Quality Management Area

Under the Environment Act 1995 Part IV (section 83), a Local Authority is required to review and assess the air quality within its area against national objectives. Where the pollutant levels are above or are likely to be above the national targets, authorities declare an Air Quality Management Area (AQMA).

We declared an AQMA in Saltford in May 2013 and in Keynsham in July 2010 where areas exceeded the air quality objective for annual mean nitrogen dioxide NO2. The monitoring locations are shown in Appendix G of the Air Quality Annual Status Report (ASR) 2022.

Reasons for revoking the AQMAs

Annual air quality report data shows that the area of Saltford and Keynsham had achieved the objectives since 2018. Since the declaration of the AQMAs there has been an average reduction in NO2 concentrations of 51% within the AQMA in Saltford and of 49% within the AQMA in Keynsham. Further information on monitoring locations and results are available in the Air Quality Annual Status Report (ASR) 2022.

Reasons for decreased pollution concentrations in both areas are due to a number of factors including natural fleet upgrades and an increase in active travel. And for Keynsham, the one-way system. 

Following the revocation of the AQMAs, we will continue to monitor air quality in the areas. We are developing an air quality strategy to provide a framework in delivering local air quality improvements within the district. As well as detailing the ambition we have to develop appropriate policies and apply appropriate regulatory controls.

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