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Request help with complex family issues

Find out if you're eligible for help and support from our Connecting Families team. We co-ordinate local services to work together to meet the complex needs of individual families to help make positive changes.

We aim to help families in the following ways:


  • to make positive changes
  • to get in to work, education or training and improve parenting skills
  • to receive specialist advice if needed (such as to tackle health, drug and alcohol issues)
  • to keep your family safe and be successful members of your community.


To be eligible for our help and support, at least two of the following must apply to you:

  • Families affected by anti-social behaviour and crime
  • Poor school attendance and engagement with education
  • Children who are at risk and need additional help
  • Worklessness and families at risk of financial exclusion
  • Domestic violence and abuse
  • Families with a range of health issues

If you don't meet the criteria above for help from our Connecting Families team, you could get other early help.

If you're eligible for help

If we can help, one of our keyworkers will visit your family for an introductory meeting. We will then take the following steps:

  • A team around your family meeting will take place. Other professionals will be at the meeting such as a health visitor, youth offending worker, social worker and teacher, as required.
  • Our keyworker will ask you questions to gather more information to create a family profile.
  • A family outcome plan will then be completed with all members of your family. This plan will detail all the actions needed to help make positive improvements.
  • The plan will be reviewed regularly to check the progress that has been made and add any new actions that might be needed.
  • Our keyworker will work with you to address the issues identified to make a positive difference (most of the visits will be in your family home, but when we invite you to our council offices, we will ensure that they are accessible and safe).

What your family will receive

Our Connecting Families team will work with your whole family to provide:

  • One worker dedicated to you
  • Practical hands on help and support
  • Assistance with concerns (such as education, employment, debt, housing and access to services)
  • Help for families to engage with other services and provide relevant information

What our keyworker will do

Our keyworker will:

  • Be honest, open and listen
  • Involve your whole family in decisions about them and the services they receive
  • Ask all members of your family to complete evaluation surveys to help us improve our service

What we will ask of you

  • To work with us and the services we engage for you.
  • To be honest and share information so our keyworker can get you the right support.
  • To attend meetings and appointments.
  • To work with us to create a family profile and outcome plan.
  • To follow the family outcome plan to meet the agreed actions, such as always getting children to school on time.
  • To work with us until significant changes take place and improvements are sustained.

Request help

To request help or support from our Connecting Families team, please download and complete our referral form. Send your completed form by email to, or post it to Connecting Families, Lewis House, Manvers Street, Bath BA1 1JG.

Next steps

We will contact you to let you know the date of our next Early Help Allocation Panel meeting within five working days, where we will discuss your referral. After this meeting, we will let you know the outcome within another five working days.

We may pass your referral request on to another service, if we're full, or if your need is more suitable for that service, but we will keep you updated throughout the process.

If you have any queries, you can email us at or call us on 01225 39 69 31.