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Report a street problem

You can report and view current issues with roads, pavements and parks online.

WarningIn an emergency, such as a needle left out in the street, please call us on 01225 39 40 41 (option 9).

No need to tell us

The following areas do not need to be reported as they are dealt with by our street cleaning schedules.

Fly posting

Fly posting is placing advertising material on public or private property without the permission of the owner. If you have concerns about fly posting, you can call our Planning Enforcement team on 01225 394041.

Leaf litter

We deal with leaf litter as part of our street cleaning schedules so there is no need to report it. You can report excessive littering, such as over-flowing public bins on Fix My Street.

Litter on roads

Litter on main roads is also dealt with as part of our street cleaning schedules. This includes litter picking on grass verges.

Please note, part of the A46 (and A4 from London Road to the Bathford roundabout) and the A36 are managed by Highways England and you can view which parts on their map.

Grass cutting in your area

You can find information about how often we cut grass on our interactive map. Add your postcode into the 'Search for a location' box, or zoom into the area you are concerned about, to see how regularly we cut the grass there.

Yes, tell us

The following areas can be reported online.

Abandoned vehicles

You can report an abandoned vehicle to us if the following applies to the vehicle:

  • it does not appear to have been used in over a month
  • it has flat or bald tyres
  • it is rusted or has broken parts
  • it has debris or vegetation inside
  • it is on land maintained by us (check ownership of a vehicle on private land before reporting it).
WarningIf you see a vandalised vehicle or a vehicle causing an obstruction, you must report this to the police

Dead animals

We can remove dead animals on land maintained by us.

Dog fouling

We can deal with dog fouling issues on land maintained by us.

Flooding and drains

We can deal with blocked drains, flooding of a property or flooding of a road or pavement. For information about how to report other drainage issues go to our drainage page.


We can deal with the illegal dumping of all waste on land maintained by us. Find out more about fly-tipping.


We can deal with graffiti on buildings or land maintained by us, which is also reachable from the ground.

Hazard on the road

We can deal with fallen trees on roads or pavements, mud, debris, objects and spillage on roads, overhanging vegetation, and verge cutting.

Household or business bins left out

We can deal with household or business bins being left out.

Littering and bins

We can deal with excessive or dangerous littering, public bins which are full or damaged.

Parks and recreation

We can deal with allotment issues, damage to bins, benches or play area safety issues.

Potholes and road or pavement damage

We can deal with damage to roads or pavements.

Road signs and markings

We can deal with damaged road signs, damaged street nameplates or faded road markings.

Street lights, bus stops and road safety

We can deal with bus stop or shelter issues, damaged bollards, posts, railings, manholes or drain covers, grit bin issues or street light faults.

Trees and open spaces

We can deal with obstructive vegetation, trees and woodland.

Report a street problem online