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Pavement Licence and Table and Chairs Permit conditions consultation

We are proposing to add an extra condition to Pavement Licences and Tables and Chairs Permits. This aims to improve pedestrian access and safety at events.

What we are proposing

We currently issue 81 Pavement Licences and 61 Table and Chairs Permits across the area. These licences allow businesses to place furniture such as tables and chairs on the highway, including pavements.

The proposed extra condition would allow us to ask premises with Licences to temporarily remove their furniture from the highway during major events, with 28 days' notice.

Why we are consulting

We recognise the value and economic boost that events can bring to the area. We also understand the benefits and importance of outside furniture for businesses in the area.

We are asking you whether you think it is acceptable to introduce this condition to facilitate events.

Over the year, we host events such as the Bath Half Marathon, Bath Carnival, Bath Remembrance Service, Bath Christmas Market and Jane Austen Regency Promenade. In our district towns, we also hold events such as the Keynsham Winter Festival and Midsomer Norton Carnival.

While these events are mainly on the highway, conflict can occur between pedestrians, spectators and those participating in these events, particularly where street furniture is present on the highway. This can prevent access or make it more challenging.

The addition of this proposed condition aims to address this, preventing over-crowding and improving pedestrian access during these events.

What this means for you

If we decide to apply this condition to licenses, officers from our Licensing Team will consider whether affected businesses need to remove furniture from the highway during an event, based on information supplied by the event organiser.

Our service teams will also consult with partners such as the Police and Avon Fire and Rescue Service before deciding to enact the condition. We would then contact licence holders to give 28 days' notice.

Businesses with licences would be able to return their furniture to the highway once the event had finished.

Have your say

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What happens next

We will use your feedback to help us decide whether to add the extra condition to Pavement Licences and Table and Chairs Permits.