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Notice of Appointment of Election Agents - Election of Member of Parliament for the North East Somerset and Hanham Constituency

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the following candidates have appointed or are deemed to have appointed the person named as election agent for the election of Member of Parliament for the North East Somerset and Hanham Constituency.

Candidate name and description Agent name Agent office address
The Official Monster Raving Loony Party
Phin Adams 74 Warminster Road, Bath, BA2 6RU 
CANNON, Edmund Stuart
The Green Party
Michael Coffey Ravenscroft, Sydney Road, Bath, BA2 6NT 
HALES, Nicholas
Nicholas Hales 39 Uphill Drive, Bath, BA1 6PB 
Reform UK
Paul MacDonnell 16 Priest Row, Wells, BA5 2PY 
Labour Party
Grant Johnson 73 Elm Road, Paulton, BS39 7QZ
REES-MOGG, Jacob William
The Conservative Party Candidate
Margaret Brewer Rear of 16 High Street, Keynsham, Bristol, BS31 1DQ
Liberal Democrats
Halliday MacFie 43 Manor Road, Keynsham, BS31 1RB 

Printed and published by the Acting Returning Officer, Guildhall, High Street, Bath, BA1 5AW on Friday 7 June 2024