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No use empty

Empty houses are wasted homes, so we are working with local property owners to bring empty property back into use for the benefit of our communities.

If you own an empty property

There are many reasons why you might end up owning an empty property, such as the death of a relative or ongoing issues with a refurbishment project.

We understand that knowing how to deal with an empty property can be overwhelming, but it’s important to act. Empty properties deteriorate and lose value, and they also encourage crime and antisocial behaviour.

200% Council Tax will be charged on properties that have been empty for between one and five years. 300% Council Tax will be charged on properties that have been empty for five years, and 400% on properties that have been empty for ten years or more.

Learn more by watching our video

How we can help

Our Empty Property Officer can help you deal with your empty property in a way that works for you.

We can help you in the following ways:

  • Provide financial assistance with low-cost loans up to £30,000 (watch our video for more information)
  • Offer small works grants for jobs up to £500
  • Provide tailored support for bringing your property back into use
  • Provide advice on your legal responsibilities as the owner to help you avoid reinforcement action
  • Facilitate VAT relief or exemptions on contracted works

If you would like our help in dealing with your empty property, please contact our Empty Property Officer on 01225 39 64 11 or email

Help us prevent empty properties in our community

If you're aware of, or you own an empty property, use the following suggestions to find out how you can help us prevent empty homes negatively impacting our community.

Report an empty property

If you are aware of an empty property impacting on the community, please report it.

Watch our video to find more information on reporting an empty property,

Report an empty property

Offer a room or home to refugees

We are running schemes to provide housing for refugees. These schemes also offer financial incentives and support to landlords.

If you own an empty home and you would like to bring it back into use to help refugees, please contact our Empty Property Officer on 01225 39 64 11 or email

Register your interest

If you are interested in offering an empty home through the Homes for Ukraine scheme, please visit the GOV.UK web page on Homes for Ukraine

Get help to improve an empty property's energy efficiency

If you wish to rent out your empty property once refurbished

If you are hoping to refurbish an empty property with a view to renting it out, Lendology Empty Property Loans can be used to complete energy efficiency improvements in order to obtain an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate).

Loans of up to £30,000 are available. Watch the video to find out more

If you wish to live in your empty property once refurbished

Energy at Home provides information and useful resources on energy-related home improvements, grants and loan schemes for Bath & North East Somerset residents.

Read the Empty Residential Property Policy

Our Empty Residential Property Policy explains how we bring properties back into use by providing owners with advice and guidance, financial assistance and by taking legal action

Contact our Empty Property Officer

If you need more information or guidance, please contact Debbie Freeman, our Empty Property Officer. on 01225 39 64 11 or email