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Make your home more sustainable

Use this page to explore how you can make your home more environmentally friendly in response to the Climate Emergency.

There are lots of ways we can minimise our impact on the Earth. Use the information below to learn how to improve the efficiency of your home and make sustainable lifestyle changes.

Make your house more environmentally friendly

Learn how to retrofit your home to make it more efficient. Find information about available grants and funding to help you.

Learn more about how and where to recycle

Find out where your nearest household recycling centre is, when it’s open and what you can recycle. Visit our rubbish and recycling page for more information.

Order a compost bin or water butt

Composting your food waste is a great way of reducing the waste that ends up in the bin and using a water butt reduces your water usage.

We have partnered with Get Composting to provide better value compost bins and water butts for our residents. Visit Get Composting and enter your postcode to start your order.

Switch to a renewable energy provider

Consider switching to a renewable energy provider. Use an online comparison tool to find the best renewable solution for you.

Get help to install solar panels

To help you make the switch to renewable energy, we are participating in the Solar Together West of England Scheme. This innovative new group-buying programme offers you several advantages over ‘going it alone’ when transferring to solar power.

Get help to install solar panels

Shop locally where possible

It’s more sustainable to shop locally. It reduces the distance that food is transported, often requires less packaging and helps the local economy.

Find local markets and food co-ops in our local food section