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Local Plan (2022 to 2042) development timeline

  1. Launch consultation

    Completed October 2022

    This consultation set out our proposed scope for the review of current local planning policies. View the consultation report.

  2. Options consultation

    On target February to April 2024

    This consultation offers a chance to comment on the options, or potential approaches, for the review of current planning policies.

  3. Publication consultation

    On targetSummer to autumn 2024

    This consultation offers the opportunity to comment on the soundness and legal compliance (including the duty to co-operate) of the Regulation 19 (Publication) Draft Local Plan.

  4. Public examination

    On target 2024 to 2025

    Plan submission and examination hearings by a planning inspector, appointed by the Secretary of State (Regulation 21). These are publicly held discussions where the planning inspector can ask about key issues relating to the Local Plan and its preparation. Anyone has the right to attend and speak at hearings, so long as they have submitted representations on the Local Plan during the consultation stages, and stated in advance that they would like to attend.

  5. Plan adoption

    On target 2025

    On adoption, the Local Plan (2022 to 2042) will become the central document summarising our local Planning policy, which we will use to determine all planning applications.