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How to support Ukraine

To help Ukraine during the current crisis, donate what you can directly to the British Red Cross or UNICEF. Both charities will update their websites with news on the work their teams are doing, and how they are supporting Ukrainian refugees. They are highly experienced in providing effective on-the-ground support during critical humanitarian situations.

Initially there are likely to be enough supplies more easily accessible in Poland and surrounding countries, rather than being brought across Europe from the UK, but needs will become clearer as more people leave Ukraine, and move to different areas. 

Offer a room or home via the Homes for Ukraine Scheme

The Home Office are rolling out the Homes for Ukraine programme, which allows individuals, charities, community groups and businesses to offer accommodation to Ukrainian refugees for at least six months. Sponsored Ukrainians will then be granted three years’ leave to remain in the UK, with entitlement to work and access to public services.
You can apply online.

Apply now

Get help to find people to sponsor for a room in your home

If you have registered on government Homes for Ukraine scheme but need help finding people to sponsor, please visit RESET's web pages. The government has asked RESET to help match people who are fleeing the conflict with sponsors.

Offer self-contained accommodation in B&NES

If you have self contained accommodation (with private bathroom/kitchen) that you would be willing to rent to people who are already in B&NES under the Ukraine Family Visa Scheme, please email us at