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Hillcrest Open Space improvement project

We have been working to enhance and better manage Hillcrest Open Space as a space for everyone, as part of our improvement project for the park.

Use this page to find out about the improvement project, what we have done so far and our future plans for the space.

High-priority improvements

We held a public consultation about improvements to Hillcrest Open Space in 2020. We have prioritised improvements based on feedback in the consultation and the availability of funding.

We aim to deliver the following high-priority improvements:

  • Rebuilding the steps from Ivy Avenue
  • Adjusting the gate at the Hillcrest Drive Entrance
  • Modifying and repainting the east entrance
  • Planting more trees, in partnership with Bathscape
  • Establishing a wildflower area on the south bank
  • Creating a new seasonal pond/wetland in the south of the open space
  • Reducing boundary vegetation to establish a maintained perimeter
  • Reviewing the location of bins and related signage

Long-term improvements

We also identified several long-term improvements to Hillcrest Open Space following the consultation.

In future, we aim to implement the following improvements:

  • Reconfiguring the entrance from Englishcombe Lane by removing the chainlink gates and fencing, replacing it with a wide chicane consisting of a field gate and bollards which will be accessible to all
  • Investigating improved drainage to prevent pathway flooding
  • Installing new fencing and barriers where necessary
  • Replacing some fencing with sustainable alternatives, such as hedgerows
  • Reviewing the play area so it caters for a broader age range