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Highway drainage cleaning

We operate a scheduled highways draining cleansing regime. You can use this page to see when we will carry out cleaning activities.

Gully cleaning frequency

We empty and clean gullies and their immediate pipe connection as part of an annual proactive maintenance programme. We clean gullies to maintain our drainage network, keep it running efficiently, and to prevent flooding.

There are over 30,000 highway drainage gullies across Bath and North East Somerset. You can view their locations on a map.

View a map of all gullies

The table below shows our scheduled gully cleaning frequencies.

Area and cleaning frequency
Type of area Cleaning frequency
Rural areas Once per year
Urban areas Biennial (once every other year)
High speed dual carriageways Twice per year
Special Attention Gullies (SAGs) Four times per year

Special Attention Gullies are gullies in areas with a higher risk of flooding.

Report problems with drains or flooding

To report a problem with a gully, please visit FixMyStreet.

How we manage weather warnings

We closely monitor detailed weather forecasts to determine whether we need to make reactive gully cleans. We also co-ordinate with cleaning teams to clear any surface detritus from areas at a higher risk of flooding.