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Foxhill parks further community consultation

This consultation is the second stage of community consultation regarding our plans to improve parks and green spaces in the Foxhill area of Bath. For further details about these plans, view the first consultation web pages

Read our report giving details of the feedback from the first consultation

Consultation overview

Curo will be building a new public open space and woodland walk within the Mulberry Park development. This development has also generated funding to invest in improving existing local parks and recreation spaces in the surrounding areas.

The Foxhill parks project will focus on five specific parks (which are listed on this page).

The initial consultation we ran in 2021 showed great support for a range of improvements aimed at providing better park facilities, and making the spaces more accessible and safer to use. 

Parks we are consulting on

Map of Foxhill area, showing the planned new green space at Mulberry Park, and other nearby public green spaces

Map of Foxhill and Combe Down area, showing the planned new green space at Mulberry Park, and other nearby public green spaces

Entry Hill Open Space

Entry Hill Open Space is a flat, well-enclosed green space valued by dog walkers, but unfortunately other potential visitors are discouraged by the lack of facilities.

Feedback from first consultation

There is support for improved access and wildlife enhancements, including more trees and wildlife-friendly planting.

When asked about the potential to expand uses of the space, there is support for other equipment, such as football and other suggestions including new play facilities, but these should be separate from dog walking areas.

Springfield Quarry

Once the largest open stone quarry in Bath, Springfield Quarry is now a peaceful wooded space ideal for dog walking and enjoying nature. The site is a Regionally Important Geological Site (RIGS) and a Site of Nature Conservation Interest (SNCI).

Feedback from first consultation

We are aware that proposing to open up a new access point into Springfield Quarry will be controversial, but the initial consultation has shown a good level of support for improving access.

Results show that this is the least visited of the five green spaces we are consulting on, with almost 70% of respondents having never been here–many don't know the green space exists, where it is or how to get to it.

The suggestion to install a new access point in the south of the site received a mixed response–some would value a new entrance because they feel it would make the space more useable and improve walking routes through the area. Others were opposed to the idea because they believe it would negatively impact wildlife, lead to an increase in anti-social behaviour and spoil what is currently a quiet and peaceful haven.

The new access point has been included in the landscape designs so we can explore the different views more fully, as part of this second consultation.

Hawthorn Grove

Hawthorn Grove is a thin strip of amenity land next to allotments which is a useful pedestrian cut-through between Bradford Road and Hawthorn Grove–specifically for accessing local shops.

Feedback from first consultation

Suggestions to improve access and expand food growing on the site were well supported and these are reflected in the landscape designs.

Springfield Park

Springfield Park is the biggest of the green spaces in the area and has good access for both new and existing communities. Its size and location mean it has the most potential for facilities which support a wide range of uses by different types of park uses.

Feedback from first consultation

Results show the park is under-utilised and there is a lack of good quality facilities for older children.

The basketball area is considered unsafe because it's out of sight–in the draft landscape design it is removed and replaced with teen play equipment in a more visible location alongside a redevelopment of the BMX track.

Backstones Open Space

Backstones Open Space is a natural recreation area on the boundary of Mulberry Park; ideal for dog walking, picnics and informal play. The area is designated as a Site of Nature Conservation Interest (SNCI), because its species-rich grassland is a rare and important habitat for a range of unusual or protected plants and animals, including orchids and butterflies.

Feedback from first consultation

We recognise the importance of local green spaces for play and recreation, and there is a growing demand to use this space for informal games and activities. The landscape design seeks to strike a difficult balance between providing a welcoming community space, and also protecting the unique and important habitat–and all within a very small area.

Results show this is well-used as a cut-through for getting around the local area and for dog walking. The space is also increasingly being used for informal social activities, sports and games–some respondents have asked for more of the space to be regularly mown as short grass to facilitate this.

Proposals for new seating and natural play facilities were well supported, along with better maintained boundaries and signs explaining the importance of the site as a natural habitat. Comments suggest a desire for a balance between more facilities whilst retaining a natural feel to the space.

What this means for you

New and existing residents in the Foxhill area will benefit from better parks and green spaces.

We aim to do the following things to help you benefit from these spaces:

  • Make the parks and green spaces more accessible and better equipped
  • Raise awareness of the green spaces for residents of the local area
  • Better sign and connect parks and green spaces
  • Manage conflicts between different users of the parks better (for example, better separation between children wanting to play, those walking dogs and those playing sports)
  • Improve access to nature
  • Improve green routes around the area to access other nearby facilities

Who we are consulting

If you live, work or visit the Foxhill area of Bath, we want to hear from you.

Why we are consulting

We would now like your feedback on the landscape designs of the five parks and green spaces listed on this page. These designs are based on feedback from the first consultation, as well as our wider aims, policies and commitments–your feedback is important to us as it will help to improve the parks for residents and visitors now and in the future.

View the landscape designs (PDF, 140MB)

WarningThe landscape designs are in a format which may not work using assistive technology. You can, however, view the designs in person at any of the five parks.


Independent consultants have created a high level cost plan which estimates that to deliver all park improvements it would cost in the region of £1.4 million.

This Foxhill Parks project has currently secured funding of approximately £400,000.  

We are not in a financial position to deliver all aspects of the work outlined in the landscape designs immediately, so there will need to be a phased programme of investment over several years. However, your feedback will both help to inform the final plans and identify priorities for the first phase of projects. All responses will be read and given consideration before any final decisions are taken.  

Take a closer look at the high level cost plan

Have your say

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What happens next

Visit our project timeline page to see the different stages of this project. 

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