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Find a public toilet

There are 16 public toilet sites managed by Healthmatic within Bath and North East Somerset, plus 4 public toilets managed by community organisations and Parish Councils.

You can also access public toilets within Council buildings including libraries, information centres, and community centres.

See all public toilets on a map

Toilet facilities and prices

All our Healthmatic-operated public toilets cost 20p per use, payable by contactless payment. Readers are mobile payment compatible (including Apple Pay and Android Pay), and include:

  • at least one disability-compliant cubicle (no RADAR key access)
  • baby changing stations
  • sharp object disposal facilities
  • coin pay or contactless card readers

To report a problem with a public toilet, contact Healthmatic's 24-hour service on 01249 823143

Public toilet locations and opening times

The following public toilets will be open from 7am to 6pm until further notice:

  • Ashton Way Car Park, Keynsham
  • Keynsham Memorial Park
  • Henrietta Park
  • Sydney Gardens

Select a topic below to find out more about public toilet locations and opening times:

Toilets in Bath

Healthmatic manages our public toilets in Bath city centre:

Bath city centre toilets
Site name Opening times
Charlotte Street Car Park, Bath (a toilet block located at the rear, and one toilet at the entrance) 6am to 12am (midnight)
Shaftesbury Road 7am to 9pm

There are other privately managed public toilets located around central Bath that you can use.

View a map of all public toilets in central Bath

Several public toilets in outer Bath are managed by Parish Councils and community organisations:

Outer Bath toilets
Site name Opening times
Batheaston; London Road Car Park (operated by Batheaston Parish Council)  8am to 8pm
Larkhall; Larkhall Square (operated by Leak shop) 9am to 5.30pm

Toilets outside of Bath

Several public toilets outside of Bath are managed by Healthmatic, while some are managed by Parish Councils:

Toilets outside of Bath
Site name Opening times
Ashton Way Car Park, Keynsham 7am to 6pm
Paulton; The Red Lion Car Park (operated by Paulton Parish Council) Open 24 hours
Radstock; Tom Huyten Park (operated by Radstock Parish Council) 8am to 7pm
The Shallows, Saltford 7am to 9pm (Winter hours: 7am to 6pm)

Park & Rides

Healthmatic manages our public toilets at Park & Ride sites.

The Park & Ride toilet opening times are based on current timetables, which are subject to change. Usually, the toilets will be open 15 minutes before the first bus, and 15 minutes after the last bus.
Park & Ride toilets
Site name Opening times: Monday to Saturday Opening times: Sunday and public holidays
Lansdown Park & Ride 6am to 9pm 9.15am to 6.30pm
Newbridge Park & Ride 6am to 9pm 9.15am to 6.30pm
Odd Down Park & Ride 6am to 9pm 6.15am to 7pm

Parks and play areas

Public toilets are located in several of our parks and play areas, including:

  • Alexandra Park
  • Alice Park
  • Henrietta Park
  • Keynsham Memorial Park
  • Monksdale Road (Sandpits Play Area)
  • Parade Gardens
  • Royal Victoria Park children's play area
  • Sydney Gardens

Opening hours

Our public toilets in parks and play areas are open from 7am to 9pm for most of the year. The toilets in Keynsham Memorial Park, Sydney Gardens and Henrietta Park are open from 7am to 6pm.

In winter (December to February), toilets in parks and play areas are open from 7am to 6pm (except Parade Gardens - open during park opening hours, 10am to 6pm)

You can access the Changing Place accessible toilet in Sydney Gardens by calling Healthmatic on 01249 823143 for the entrance code.

Accessible toilets (Changing Places)

Standard accessible toilets do not meet the needs of all people with a disability. Therefore, a number of Changing Place facilities are available for people who require features such as a hoist, changing bed and additional space to use the toilets safely and comfortably. There are no charges for using these facilities.

The following locations have Changing Places facilities:

You can find full details on each of these facilities, including opening times and access arrangements, on the Changing Places website.

The Sydney Gardens facility is unmanned due to its location within the park. You can access the toilet by calling Healthmatic on 01249 823143 for the entrance code to the keypad on the door of the facility. This can either be done in advance of your visit, or whilst on site. This helpline number is also displayed on the door and inside the facility should there be any problems. Alternatively, you can email, who will respond during office hours only.

Can’t Wait Cards

Living with a condition that means quick access to public toilets is essential? Several organisations issue Can’t Wait Cards and/or apps to help make asking to use toilets in nearby shops, restaurants and other non-public facing buildings much easier.