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Find advice about fireworks

We encourage everyone to consider the whole community when using fireworks. Use this page for advice if you are planning a firework display, and want to minimise any negative impacts on animals or other residents, or if you are concerned about the impact of fireworks yourself.

It is vital that you consider the wide reaching impact of fireworks before you commit to using them. Fireworks can cause considerable distress to pets, horses, livestock, and their owners. Firework debris can also cause damage to properties, crops and the wider environment, including lingering air pollution.

If you're putting on a display

For safe and considerate use of fireworks, please take the following steps:

  • Advertise any fireworks at least a month in advance using local press, social media and your Parish Council
  • Consider using fireworks with a lower noise level
  • Ring fence the fire in advance to prevent animals from taking shelter
  • Read the RSPCA #bangoutoforder Toolkit

If you're concerned about displays

If you are worried about the impact of firework displays on you, your community, pets or livestock, please consider reading the RSPCA #BangOutOfOrder toolkit and displaying posters in your windows if you have a pet who is vulnerable to the noise.

RSPCA #BangOutOfOrder

#BangOutOfOrder is a campaign run by the RSPCA to minimise the effects of fireworks on animal welfare. The toolkit contains:

  • Key facts and statistics to help you with local communications
  • Suggested social media copy to raise awareness on the impact of local displays on animals
  • Video content to encourage conversation around firework displays
  • Downloadable cards and posters for residents to display

View the toolkit