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Environment Information Regulations: Schedule of Fees

Under the Environment Information Regulations, we are obliged to publish a Schedule of Fees and information on circumstances in which we may charge or waive a fee before we disclose information.

WarningYou need to pay any charges in full before we can provide you with requested information.

Our Schedule of Fees

In the vast majority of cases, we will provide requested information for free, with no additional charges.

However, we will make reasonable charges for services such as photocopying, printing and postage where the cost of these services totals £10 or more. Photocopying charges will be based on those in place within our public libraries.

We may also impose a market-based charge when we provide information on a commercial basis and the charge is necessary to ensure this information continues to be collected and published.

In all cases where we charge a fee, you will need to pay the fee by cheque before we disclose the requested information.

We may waive the fee if it would not be cost-effective to issue a fees notice and process payment.

We may charge a fee in all other cases, based on the full chargeable elements.