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Drivers' knowledge test guidance

To become a licenced taxi driver in Bath and North East Somerset, you must pass the driver's knowledge test.

The online test will ask you questions about street names, tourist attractions, notable buildings and more, to test your knowledge of the local area.

There are two separate knowledge tests. The test you take will relate to the area you are applying to operate from:

  • Zone 1 (City of Bath)
  • Zone 2 (North East Somerset)

Module details

The online knowledge test features 10 modules of multiple-choice questions. You will have 1 hour to complete the test.

You need to get the minimum percentage score in all modules to pass the test. If you do not get the required percentage in any individual module, you will fail the test.

Each module will have 4 options, except for the roads and streets module, which has 3 options.

Test modules
Module Required pass mark Example question
Roads and streets 75% Dorchester Street is: a) one way traffic; b) two way traffic; c) pedestrianised.
Schools 75% St Stephens Primary School is at ...?
Sports facilities 75% Weston Bowls Club is at ...?
Night clubs 75% Second Bridge is at ...?
Public houses 75% Volunteer Riflemans Arms is at ...?
Hotels and guesthouses 75% Aquae Sulis Hotel is at ...?
Restaurants and cafes 75% The Scallop Shell is at ...?
Tourist attractions 75% The Circus is at ...?
Legal 80% Can children under the age of three travel in the rear of a licensed vehicle without wearing a seatbelt?
Road Signs 90% You need to correctly identify the pictured road signs.

The example questions above relate to the Zone 1 knowledge test.

Zone 2 drivers will answer questions relating to Keynsham, Radstock and Midsomer Norton and the surrounding areas.

Practical assessment

If you pass the academic knowledge test, you will progress to the practical assessment.

Zone 1 drivers

If you are taking part in the Zone 1 practical assessment, you will need to navigate to four locations within the city of Bath by the most direct and appropriate route.

We will randomly select the four locations on the day of the test.

Zone 2 drivers

If you are taking part in the Zone 2 practical assessment, you will need to navigate to four locations within the city of Bath on the day of the test. The locations selected will be basic and may include locations such as:

  • hospitals
  • transport hubs (bus, train and coach stations)
  • leisure and sports grounds
  • tourist attractions

We will not judge you on your ability to navigate the city, but on your knowledge of the location and your ability to arrive successfully at that location.