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Realising Talent privacy notice

The purpose of processing

Realising Talent aims to reduce the number of young people at age 14 to 16 who are struggling at school and disengaging in transitions to education and training at post-16. It will achieve this by providing early intervention and support via a variety of programmes tailored to the individual, using different providers. This could include sport, outdoor activity, or work experience in retail, business and other sectors. The young people can also learn a variety of skills such as travel training, social skills and therapies as needed.

Data subjects

14 – 16 year old people who are in involved in the scheme.

Personal data

Unique Pupil Number (linked to school/council databases to provide address and contact details)
Educational Support Needs
Contact details of those involved in the Personal Plan (developed at start of programme with lead practitioner)
School details
Work experience
Personal targets
Health and wellbeing
Career aspirations
Criminal record

How is it used?

Statistical information about RT participation, and the effects on participants’ development will be analysed and reported on for the purpose of measuring the success of the Realising Talent approach and its methods. This will be used to inform Government decisions about whether to extend the use of the scheme to support people in other parts of the UK. The information will also be used for reporting purposes so that we can prove that our Government grant for this project is being used effectively, and in line with commitments. This statistical information will not include anything which could actually identify the young person, and so it cannot be used to make any decisions which could affect them directly or personally.
To assess the young person’s current situation (this is recorded as the starting point of your journey with RT)
To understand what kind of education or training/career path would suit the young person best (any skills that can be developed, as well as any particular needs or challenges)
To design, develop and implement a personalised action plan to support the individual journey (including learning, training, assistance and support services)
To track and evaluate progress and engagement along this path over time, including achieving targets on the Personal Plan and engagement with education and training/employment as suitable for the young person
To contact the young person/parent-carers after participation has ended to ask about their experience as a participant

Profiling and automated decision making

Not applicable

GDPR condition relied upon for processing personal data:

Article 6.1 e - Exercise of official authority

GDPR condition relied upon for processing special category data

Article 9.2 g - Substantial public interest

Sharing of personal data with external recipients

Training and support services chosen will be delivered by external providers. If the young person chooses to accept the support offered, we may give the provider name and contact details so they can be contacted about enrolment on the relevant course.

How long is the personal data retained by the Council?

Information will be held on the RT data base for a period of three years after the end of participation in the RT project.

Questions or concerns?

Please email 

Appeals to the Information Commissioner’s Office

If you are unhappy about the way we have treated your personal data, or feel we have not properly respected your data subject rights, you have the right to contact the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and tell them about this.

You can also contact the ICO by phone on 0303 1231113.