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Live Well B&NES Privacy Notice

The purpose of processing

The purpose of the website is to provide residents of B&NES information to help them make information decisions about what services are available, Ofsted register childcare, services and support for children and young people 0-25 with a special educational need or disability (SEND), information to help them live independently for as long as they can.

The purpose of collecting personal data from those registering their service/organisation on Live Well B&NES is to ensure we have contact details for a service/organisation to help them maintain their record on our website. We will use this information to contact you when your record needs updating, usually every 12 months. This information is stored on Live Well B&NES and only accessed by authorised staff within the P&C Comms Team.

Data subjects

All those registering on the Live Well B&NES website. All those registering themselves or their child/young person on the Rainbow Resource scheme.

Personal data

• Name
• Email address

For people registering on the Rainbow Resource scheme we collect:

• Name of child/young person
• Child/young person’s date of birth
• Name of parent/carer
• Home address
• Contact email address for parent/carer
• Child/young person SEND diagnosis details

How is it used?

For those registering on Live Well B&NES, we will use your details to keep you updated about the website and your entry/entries, including asking you to keep your entry up-to-date.

You can also choose to provide personal details to us for the Rainbow Resource Scheme, which acts as our Disabled Children’s Register. These details are entered onto a database and your child/young person is then sent a Rainbow Resource card, which acts as proof of disability when accessing concessions at venues across the region.

For those registering themselves or their child/young person on the Rainbow Resource scheme, we will use these details as part of our Disabled Children’s Register and to keep you updated about services/groups relevant to your child/young person. We will also send you a newsletter 3 times a year. See more details about the Disabled Children’s Register below.

Profiling and automated decision making

Not applicable

GDPR condition relied upon for processing personal data:

Article 6.1 e - Exercise of official authority
Children Act 1989 ‘Maintenance of a register of disabled children’.

The Rainbow Resource scheme also acts of the Local Authority’s Disabled Children’s Register, as stated in the Children Act 1989 ‘Maintenance of a registered of disabled children’. This is a voluntary register and you can ask for your/ your child’s details to be removed from the DCR at any time, while still benefitting from the Rainbow Resource scheme card. Access to the Disabled Children's Register will be limited to authorised staff only.

GDPR condition relied upon for processing special category data

Article 9.2 h - Provision of health or social care

Sharing of personal data with external recipients

Information collected when registering your service/organisation on Live Well B&NES will not be used for any other purpose than to keep the website up-to-date, and only authorised staff will have access to this information.

The Disabled Children's Register helps the Local Authority and local Health Organisations to understand more about the number of young people living with a SEND or Disability in Bath and North East Somerset, and the level of need they have. Some non-identifiable information may be shared with colleagues for this purpose. This information may include, gender, region, diagnosis details and age of child/young person. We always ensure that no child/young person can be identified with the information we share in reports.

Upon completing a Rainbow Resource application, you will have the option for us to share the information you have provided with our colleagues at B&NES Carers Centre in order to process your application for a Carers Card. If you tick the relevant box, your information will be shared securely and in accordance with both Bath and North East Somerset's and B&NES Carers Centre's GDPR policies

How long is the personal data retained by the Council?

For those who register a service/organisation with Live Well B&NES, we will retain your information for as long as we have your record on the website.

For those registered on the Rainbow Resource scheme, we retain the information on the Disabled Children’s Register until your child’s 25th Birthday.

Questions or concerns?

Please email 

Appeals to the Information Commissioner’s Office

If you are unhappy about the way we have treated your personal data, or feel we have not properly respected your data subject rights, you have the right to contact the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and tell them about this.

You can also contact the ICO by phone on 0303 1231113.