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Adult Social Care Client Finance Privacy Notice

The purpose of processing

To comply with our duties under the Care Act 2014 we will use this information to understand and assess your social care needs through an assessment or equivalent document. If you are assessed as having eligible needs we will carry out a financial assessment. This may be shared with other professionals and providers of services that may be able to support you in meeting your needs. Information such as relevant correspondence and case notes will also be collected and stored on your file in relation to your social care needs.

Under the Care Act we will also use information under our safeguarding responsibilities to adults with care and support needs that may be experiencing, or at risk of, abuse, neglect or deprivation of assets and are unable to protect themselves because of these. This information will be shared with multi-agency partners such as the Health professionals and the Police on a need to know basis.
Where you have agreed to be the Relevant Person’s Representative we will consult with you as part of the assessment process. We will also share this information with any other relevant professionals and agencies in order to safeguard the Article 5 right of the relevant person.

The above information is stored on a secure database. If information is shared with others such as health professionals this will be done by secure methods.

Data Subjects

Adult Social Care Service Users

Personal Data

To provide this service, we will process name, ID number, location, email address, information on your financial information and history, ownership of assets, entitlement and provision of benefits, familial situation, racial and ethnic information, religion, criminal offences and information related to criminal proceedings, education and professional training and employment history.

We are collecting this data because we are required to under health and Social Care Law, or it is in the public interest to process this. In the case of Care Act related matters we may also need to process your bank details in order to provide appropriate services.

If you do not allow us to use your data this will mean that we may not be able to fully assess and meet your care and support needs because we need this information to be able to effectively respond.

How is it used?

The information held will be used and processed in the following ways:

Financial assessment and eligibility

Profiling and Automated Decision Making

Not applicable

GDPR condition relied upon for processing personal data:

Article 6.1 c - legal obligation
Article 6.1 e - Exercise of official authority
We have a statutory authority under the Care Act 2014, the Care and Support Statutory Guidance, Care and Support (Deferred Payment) Regulations 2014, the Care and Support (Charging and Assessment of Resources) Regulations 2014.

GDPR condition relied upon for processing special category data

Article 9.2 b - Social security/social protection
Article 9.2 g - Substantial public interest

Sharing of personal data with External Recipients

In order to ensure that all health and social care organisations are communicating effectively about the needs of older people and other vulnerable adults we share information in respect of people that we have provided services for to third parties including:

Public Sector Partners (Authorities and other agencies)
Department of work and pensions and HMRC
Banks, building societies and other financial institutions

How long is the personal data retained by the Council?

The information will usually be retained for 6 years plus the current year from the cessation of the service provision. Records will only be retained beyond the default retention period if their retention can be justified for statutory, regulatory, legal or safeguarding reasons.

Questions or concerns?

Please email 

Appeals to the Information Commissioner’s Office

If you are unhappy about the way we have treated your personal data, or feel we have not properly respected your data subject rights, you have the right to contact the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and tell them about this.

You can also contact the ICO by phone on 0303 1231113.