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Accounts Payable Privacy Notice

The purpose of processing

To ensure the Council has effective and efficient controls in place for the purchase and payment of goods and services and making statutory payments in compliance with the Council’s Financial Regulations and Statutory requirements.

Data Subjects

Trade Suppliers
General Suppliers
Treasury Establishments

Personal Data

email address
bank account number and sort code
UTR numbers for Construction Industry suppliers

How is it used?

To enable invoices submitted by the suppliers to be paid in a securely and timely manner. Payments made by the Council must comply with all statutory requirements, regulatory frameworks and standing orders. Failure to do so may mean invoices being returned.

Profiling and Automated Decision Making

Not applicable.

GDPR condition relied upon for processing personal data:

Article 6.1 b - Necessary to performance of a contract
Article 6.1 e - Exercise of official authority
Council’s Financial Statements, Accounts and Audit Regulations 2015.

GDPR condition relied upon for processing special category data

Not applicable

Sharing of personal data with External Recipients

No sharing of personal data is carried out.

How long is the personal data retained by the Council?

Six years plus the current year.

Questions or concerns?

Please email 

Appeals to the Information Commissioner’s Office

If you are unhappy about the way we have treated your personal data, or feel we have not properly respected your data subject rights, you have the right to contact the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and tell them about this.

You can also contact the ICO by phone on 0303 1231113.