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Citizens' Panel on Active Travel

In conjunction with the University of Bath, we have commissioned an independent Citizens’ Panel on Active Travel.

The role of a Citizens' Panel

A Citizens’ Panel is a method of deliberation where a group of local citizens come together, usually over a number of sessions, to consider issues and options relating to a particular topic.

Panel members do not need to have specialist knowledge of the subject under consideration. They come together to deliberate by:

  • receiving and discussing evidence (such as background information or reports) about the topic
  • receiving information from “witnesses”, and those who hold views on the subject, as well as people with relevant expertise
  • drawing informed conclusions based on the evidence they have heard

Following this process, the Panel makes recommendations for consideration by the commissioning body or bodies.

Our role

Working with the University of Bath, we have commissioned Britain Thinks to recruit and run a Citizens’ Panel to make recommendations to Cabinet members on principles to consider when identifying, designing, and consulting on active and sustainable travel schemes around Bath and North East Somerset, and specifically between Bath’s valley floor and the Claverton Down area, with its university and other employment and education sites.

Why we commissioned a Citizens’ Panel

As part of our commitment to giving people a bigger say, we wish to try out innovative ideas for citizen engagement, helping create better public services, promoting social cohesion, and fostering a thriving democracy. Cabinet, as part of its deliberations on Active Travel Schemes, agreed to commission a citizens’ jury (or other suitable process of deep public engagement) to determine the most appropriate, safe, strategic cycle route to improve between the city centre, the University of Bath and the large employment and education sites in Claverton Down.

Britain Thinks has now completed the work on this Citizens’ Panel and you can read the report that will be going to Cabinet on Thursday 10 November 2022

View the Cabinet agenda pack.