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Call for site proposals for development (HELAA)

Warning The next call for sites will close on Tuesday 20 October 2020. This will inform the Local Plan and West of England Spatial Development Strategy.

What are we proposing to do?

Assessing the land which may be available for future development in our area is an important part of strategic planning. We regularly update our assessment of the supply of suitable land for certain sorts of development (known as the Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment, or HELAA).

In order to involve local individuals and organisations in this process, we are making a public request to identify sites and broad locations within Bath and North East Somerset which may be suitable for the following types of development:

  • Providing housing
  • Providing employment or similar economic development

We will assess all proposed sites for their suitability, and this work will form part of the evidence base to inform the Local Plan and the West of England (WECA) Spatial Development Strategy.

How does it relate to the WECA SDS

The West of England Combined Authority (WECA) has recently announced its intention to develop a Spatial Development Strategy (SDS) for the WECA area covering South Gloucestershire, B&NES and Bristol City, with full collaboration from those authorities. This will be a strategic level plan setting the overall requirement for new homes and jobs and spatial strategy. Each council will also develop Local Plans, that will need to be consistent with this work and deliver the SDS.

The information gathered for Local Plans will also form part of the evidence base for the SDS. While the SDS is not looking to identify specific sites, information from the HELAA will provide an understanding of the capacity and supply across the region. Further information can be found on the WECA website.

The HELAA is a technical assessment process of the suitability of land for development, which also includes availability and achievability. The HELAA process does not affect the planning status of any land which is assessed. Sites for renewable energy are not specifically requested at this time. A further call for renewable energy sites will be issued later in the Local Plan process.

How can you respond?

You can submit proposed sites and broad locations at any time through our online form. We are making a public Call for Sites now, with a deadline of 20 October to inform the WECA SDS and our Local Plan.

Before you submit a site

We recommend discussing the site's potential with its owner, and researching the planning history of the site before making a proposal. The more information you are able to supply about the site, the more easily we will be able to assess it.

Please read the following documents before submitting a site proposal:

Summary of questions on the online form
  1. HELAA number, if the site has been previously submitted: (if you know it)
  2. Please tell us which applies to you
    • I am a planning agent or land agent
    • I am a developer
    • I am a registered housing provider
    • I am a member of a town or parish council or a community group
    • I am a member of the public
    • Other... (Please state)
  3. Your contact information
  4. Confirm if you would like to be added to our Local Plan Mailing list
  5. Tell us the owner (if known) and location of the site
  6. Tell us about the use of the site and nearby land
    • Current use of the site
      For example, agriculture, employment, vacant
    • Use of land adjacent to the site
      For example, residential, agriculture, employment, vacant
    • Proposed use of the site
      For us to consider your proposed use for the site, it should be for housing, economic, or low carbon or renewable energy generation (such as solar farm, wind turbine, hydro power, biomass or similar)
  7. Tell us more about the site. Please complete with any of the details you know about the site. If you have no information about a question, just leave it blank
    • Do you know if the site is owned by an individual, a group of individuals or an organisation?
    • Do you know if the owner agrees with your proposal for the site?
      If they have other proposals, please give details
    • Do you know if the site has any planning history?
      If you know about previous applications to develop the site, please give the planning reference numbers.
    • Do you know of any designations which apply to part or all of the site?
      For example, listed building, Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, conservation area
    • Do you know of any legal constraints which would affect development of the site?
      For example, sitting tenants, leasehold, legal covenants
    • Do you know when the site will become available for development?
      For example, within 5 years, 6 to 10 years, or over 10 years
  8. Tell us why you think this site is suitable for development
    Please provide as much detail as possible on why you think this site is suitable for development.
  9. Upload a plan or shapefile of the site
    Please upload a plan or shapefile of the site, plus any additional site information. We will be in touch during the HELAA process regarding any technical information you may have.

    Maximum 2 files. 20 MB limit. Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png bmp odf pdf shp shx qpj.

Please note we will carry forward any sites already proposed in our 2018 to 2019 HELAA document, as well as sites received during the call for sites that closed in June 2020. If the site you wish to propose is already on this list, there is no need to resubmit the proposal, unless you would like to update any details about the site, such as a change of ownership or potential use of the site. 

What's next?

We periodically take stock of the sites we are aware of at a given date, so that we can produce an updated assessment. The closing date to submit sites for the next review will be 20 October 2020, and we will publish an updated HELAA report, alongside the Local Plan Partial Update options consultation.

You can check our most recent HELAA document at any time.

After this date, we will keep a register of any further sites submitted, and we will consider them next time we update the assessment.

The information you submit will also be shared with the West of England Combined Authority (WECA) which is leading on the production of the Spatial Development Strategy (SDS).

Who do I contact for more information?

If you have a question about the site proposal process, HELAA or Local Plan, please email