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Brickfields Park improvement project

We have been working to enhance and better manage Brickfields Park as a space for everyone, as part of our improvement project for the park.

Use this page to find out about the improvement project, what we have done so far and our future plans for the space.

High-priority improvements

We held a public consultation about improvements to Brickfields Park in 2020. We have prioritised improvements based on feedback in the consultation and the availability of funding.

We aim to deliver the following high-priority improvements:

  • Improving litter picking and reviewing the location of bins 
  • Reconfigure the Shophouse Road entrance
  • Installing signs on surrounding streets and at park entrances so that the park
    is easier to find
  • Improving ground conditions at entrance pinch points which become muddy
  • Reviewing quality and location of seating across the park
  • Planting trees, in partnership with Bathscape

Long-term improvements

We also identified several long-term improvements to Brickfields Park following the consultation.

In future, we aim to implement the following improvements:

  • Removing the gate at King Georges Road entrance, and either leaving it as an open access point or replacing it with a wider, more accessible gate
  • Creating a new stepped pedestrian entrance from Linear Park
  • Removing the chainlink fence which divides the park and obscures views for people using the path in the middle of the park.
  • Enhancing the basketball area to make it a more useable and sociable space for sports and events
  • Removing the 11-a-side football goals and installing a set of 5-a-side goals and 1 set of mini/junior goals in the west of the park
  • Providing an outdoor gym following recognised best design principles
  • Installing a marked 500 metre running/walking route around the park
  • Creating a nature improvement area on the north and east side of the open space.
  • Considering other opportunities to make space for nature in areas of the park that are less suitable for other activities
  • Constructing a seating area near the play area to enhance the enjoyment of the views over Bath and Lansdown