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Room of Remembrance

The Room of Remembrance provides a quiet, inside space for friends and family to visit to remember a loved one. Situated next to our Top Chapel, near the front gates of Haycombe Cemetery, the room contains our Books of Remembrance and our Remembrance Tree sculpture. These offer a chance to create a personal tribute to celebrate the life of someone who has died, whether or not their final resting place is in Haycombe.

Our beautifully illustrated Books of Remembrance provide a permanent record of the dates of life,  with pages turned daily by our staff to show the current date. For many, they provide comfort and an opportunity to celebrate the life of a loved one, on a visit to Haycombe for the anniversary of their death. The Tree of Remembrance is a unique memorial sculpture which is permanently on display.

Learn more about these memorial tributes below, or make an enquiry to find out how to get a name added.

Books of Remembrance

Commemorate a loved one with an entry into our hand-illuminated Book of Remembrance.

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Remembrance cards

Keep your own personal home copy of your loved one's entry in our Book of Remembrance

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Remembrance Tree Leaves

This beautiful bespoke Remembrance Tree has been especially hand-crafted for Haycombe.

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