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Local elections 4 May 2023

There are local elections on 4 May 2023, to choose ward councillors for Bath & North East Somerset Council. On this day, there will also be elections for the town and parish councils in our area. Use this page to find out useful stages of the process, their dates and any deadlines which you need to know.

Election results

View the 4 May 2023 Council Election results

Election schedules

The full elections process is complex, and some of the dates and deadlines may not be useful to you. To help you find the information you need quickly and easily, choose the section below which best describes your needs. Some details will only be available nearer to the time of the election, so you may need to return to this page for the latest updates.

At-a-glance key dates

The table below shows the main events of the election process, from the official Notice of Elections to the publication of results. 

Key election dates 
Action Date
Delivery of poll cards  20 March to 24 April *
Publication of nominated candidates 5 April
Polling day 7am to 10pm, 4 May
B&NES Council results 5 May
Town and parish council results  5 May 

* The date you receive your poll card will depend on a number of factors, relating to when you registered to vote and the method you have chosen to vote. Poll cards for new registrations and postal votes are likely to arrive nearer the end of this period. All poll card deliveries may be subject to postal delays.

Visit our Election Notices page to view election announcements and full lists of candidates for each election, as soon as they are published.

View our Election Results page to see who has been elected, as soon as this information is published. For uncontested town and parish elections, this will be the day after nominations are announced.

Dates and deadlines for voters

The timetable below shows the deadlines for the various applications you may need to make to register to vote, and choose which method of voting you wish to use. 

WarningThe deadlines in the schedule below refer to receiving your completed application form. We will only process applications received by these times and dates.

Register to vote by 17 April

If you're already on the electoral register, or roll, you should receive a poll card around 20 March. Keep this safe. Although you don't need to show it on election day, it shows when and where you can vote. Remember that you can only vote at your allocated polling station.

If you haven't received a poll card by the end of March, you may not be registered to vote, or your details may need updating on the electoral register. You can:

Apply for a postal vote by 5pm, 18 April, or a proxy vote by 5pm, 25 April

If you can't vote at a polling station, you can apply for a postal or proxy vote, via the GOV.UK online services. You must already be registered to vote to apply for these alternative ways of voting. If you already have an arrangement for a postal or proxy vote, and choose to change to another voting method, you have to cancel your original arrangement first. 

Make sure you have an accepted form of photo ID by 25 April (if voting in person)

You'll need to take photo ID as proof of identity if you're voting in person at a polling station. Visit our webpage on Photo ID for voting to find out more. If you don't already have an accepted form of photo ID, you can apply for a Voter Authority Certificate.

Find your polling station

If you've lost your poll card and can't remember where your polling station is, you can enter your postcode at the online find your polling station service.

If you need extra help

You may find it useful to view the Electoral Commission's video guide on how to vote, if you're a first-time voter, or haven't voted for a while. This video guide pre-dates the photo ID requirement, so it does not include this new part of the process. Staff at the polling station will tell you when they need to see your photo ID, so all you have to do is make sure you bring an accepted form of photo ID

You can also request help at the polling station, if you have a disability or accessibility need.

If you have a query about registering to vote, or casting your vote in these elections, please call Electoral Services on 01225 477333.

Important dates and deadlines for voters
Action Date or deadline
Notice of election 20 March
Register to vote By 17 April
Apply for a postal or postal proxy vote (including cancellation of existing arrangements) By 5pm, 18 April
Apply for a proxy vote By 5pm, 25 April
Apply for Voter Authority Certificate (if required) By 5pm, 25 April
Notice of poll and polling station locations 25 April
Polling day 7am to 10pm, 4 May
Apply for a replacement for a lost or spoilt postal vote From April 27 to 5pm, 4 May
Apply for an emergency proxy  By 5pm, 4 May

Dates and deadlines for candidates or election agents

View the relevant step-by-step guide on what you'll need to do, to stand as a candidate for B&NES Council or town and parish elections. The table below shows the dates and deadlines which may be particularly important to you, to register as a candidate and for campaigning purposes. You may also want to check deadlines for voter registration or applications, in the section above.

Important dates and deadlines for candidates
Action Date or deadline
Notice of election 20 March
Nomination period 21 March to 4pm, 4 April
Withdrawal of nomination (if required) 4pm, 4 April
Appoint an election agent (if required) 4pm, 4 April
Publication of Statement of Persons Nominated 5 April
Despatch of postal votes 17 April
Appoint polling and counting agents 26 April
Polling day  7am to 10pm, 4 May
B&NES election verification and count 10.15pm, 4 May
Publication of B&NES results 5 May
Town and parish election verification 10.15pm, 4 May
Town and parish election count 2pm, 5 May
Publication of town and parish results  5 May
Return of election expenses (town and parish candidates) By 1 June
Return of election expenses (B&NES candidates) By 9 June