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Cremation jewellery and keepsakes

Cremation memorial jewellery offers you the chance to create a beautiful, lasting and uniquely personal tribute that you can always keep with you. 

Using a patented process, the jeweller will incorporate a small portion of your loved one’s cremation ashes into handcrafted crystal glass. The final stones can be clear, or one of five vivid colours. Specially toughened and close to diamond-hard, they’re virtually impossible to scratch or break, and will last a lifetime. Experts then cut, polish and set them into your choice of sterling silver, white or 9ct gold settings, in one of a range of classic, elegant designs. The result is your own bespoke piece of jewellery: a timeless memento to keep a loved one near and provide comfort, whenever you choose to wear it. Explore the full range of products below.


Whether you wear them every day, or just on special occasions, these rings mean you can have the spirit of your loved one at hand, whatever you’re doing. Choose from three designs: Tribute rings, Heart shaped rings or Signet rings.

Heart shaped ring

Silver and white heart shaped ring

Signet ring

Silver and black signet ring

Tribute ring

gold and black signet ring
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So you can be forever reminded that your loved one is alive in your heart, we present an exquisite range of long necklaces to hold their ashes close to your chest. Choose from three designs: Heart shaped pendants, Long pendants and Round pendants.

Heart shaped pendant

Gold and blue heart shaped pendant

Long pendant

Gold and clear long pendant

Round pendant

gold and greenroudn pendant
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Other jewellery and keepsakes 

This wide range of memorial jewellery and keepsakes offers you the flexibility to celebrate your loved one in the way that you choose, with a tribute that’s perfect for you and your lifestyle. Choose from these options: earrings, cufflinks, charm beads and paperweights


Silver and black heart shaped ring


Silver and black signet ring

Charm beads

gold and black signet ring


Silver and black heart shaped ring

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