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Cleveland Bridge renovation project

Information for motorists

We are aware that the works will cause inconvenience to residents and businesses on both sides of the bridge, especially those nearby and in the Toll Houses on the bridge. However, if the renovation does not take place, the bridge would ultimately have to close to motor traffic permanently, causing long-term problems.

Steps we will take to minimise the impact

We will aim to reduce the negative impact of the work on neighbouring residents and businesses in the following ways:

  • The bridge will remain open to pedestrians and cyclists throughout the works, so that it should still be possible to make short local journeys.
  • We have planned for emergency vehicles such as ambulances to be able to use the bridge, even when it is closed to other vehicles.
  • We have agreed with our contractors that working hours will be carefully managed, to limit issues of noise and traffic.
  • The contractor has appointed a local contact to liaise with residents and businesses nearby, so you can raise issues of concern.
  • We have drawn up, and will regularly update, our own traffic management plan, which has details of how we will monitor the situation throughout the works.

Keeping in touch

You can keep up to date by visiting our newsroom or following us on twitter.

If you need to contact us about the refurbishment, please use the dedicated email address for this project