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Care homes and Extra Care Housing (ECH) schemes run by us

Use this page to find a care home or Extra Care Housing (ECH) scheme run by us (B&NES Council) in Bath and North East Somerset.

Transferring from Sirona Care & Health

From 1 October 2020, eight care homes and ECH schemes transferred to us (B&NES Council), from Sirona Care & Health, who ran them from 2011 until this date.

We understand that these care homes and ECH schemes are people’s homes, and we're committed to continuing to provide high quality care and support. No centres are being closed following this transfer, and there will be continuity, with the same staff providing care and support to residents and tenants.

Find a care home or Extra Care Housing (ECH) scheme

We have three care homes which are Community Resource Centres located in Keynsham, Bath and Midsomer Norton. Each Community Resource Centre includes a residential care home for between 30 and 45 people, and these homes provide important services to older people in our community. They provide care and health services in a comfortable, safe environment for older vulnerable adults with a variety of disabilities, including dementia.

Staff at these homes work hard to offer residents the opportunity to retain as much independence as possible and to enjoy their lives.

We also offer an Extra Care Housing scheme, where individual homes are placed within a community setting which promote lifestyle choice, and offer individuals the opportunity and motivation to retain their independence and stay in control of their lives.

Care homes

ECH schemes

You can find details of all Care Homes in and surrounding Bath and North East Somerset on our website, Live Well B&NES