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B&NES Local Outbreak Management Plan for COVID-19


It will be apparent in reading this report that a great deal of planning has been done in a very short time, by a range of subject leads and others across the organisation. But it is also clear that this is by no means a complete plan for every situation and eventuality, and that such plans can only really emerge as the wide and complex systems underlying “Test, Trace and Isolate” develop and reach full capacity, and as we identify our specific roles alongside those of others. That will only happen fully over the next few months.

There was local outbreak management before the first COVID-19 case occurred in Britain. However, this plan recognises that, if we are to achieve success in opening up our lives and institutions again, while keeping the virus under sufficient control, a massive co-ordination of national effort, post-first wave control work and local engagement will be required. 

This framework plan is therefore the start of the next round of planning, and should be seen as an ever-evolving document, in which core principles may change little, but practice is likely to develop on a rapid timescale.

As such, comments are always invited from stakeholders in B&NES, whether in the council or partner organisations… and especially where they provide solutions!